SHOW 344 .. 31st May 2008

- Ko¹tabona 
- The Lipizzaner  
- 30 years of Trutamora Slovenica  
- The design group Oloop  
- Chef Janez Bratov¾ 

Ko¹tabona, an idyllic village on a plateau above the sea
Ko¹tabona is one of the most picturesque and beautifully designed villages in the hinterland of the Slovenian coast. It lies on a ridge above the valley of the river Dragonja, only a stone’s throw from the tourist bustle of the coastal towns and the sea.
The noble white horses of the Karst
Slovenia boasts one of the oldest stud farms in the world. In the Karst, not far from the border with Italy, the Lipica stud farm, the cradle of the world famous Lipizzaner, has been in operation for a good 400 years. In Lipica, a green Karst oasis, one can admire these white beauties in the natural habitat that also formed them, although today the Lipizzaner is also bred in other parts of the world.
The ensemble Trutamora Slovenica
The ensemble Trutamora Slovenica began to break new ground thirty years ago in the field of reviving and nurturing the Slovenian folk music tradition. With them other groups also started to get involved with this kind of music, although mostly in a popular variant. Trutamora Slovenica, however, remains faithful to its original intent of revitalizing folk songs, melodies and instruments.
The Oloop design group
The Oloop design group it's a young, ground-breaking group, whose designers deal in textile design in a playful and unique way. Multiuse is a typical feature of their products, something that is often left to the imagination and creativity of the user. Currently the members of Oloop are entertaining the idea of designing paper made out of banana skins or vegetables.
Virtuoso of the ladle Janez Bratov¾
Slovenia lies at the meeting point of the Mediterranean, the alpine world and the Pannonian flatlands, something that is clearly reflected in the variety of our gastronomy. This diversity is a challenge for Janez Bratov¾, one of Slovenia’s top chefs. His cuisine incorporates both the various tastes of the fruits of earth and sea and traditional Slovenian cooking, which he embellishes with his own ingenuity and mastery.

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