SHOW 347 .. August 09th 2008

- The Triglav National Park
- Plečnik’s Ljubljana
- A black folk dress
- The Ličen painters
- A master of the violin shoulder rests
Triglav National Park
The Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia. Close to the border between Slovenia, Austria and Italy, it covers 880 square kilometres or almost 3 per cent of the country. The astounding scenery of the park comprises majestic mountains, deep valleys, unspoilt waters and many other beautiful natural phenomena.
Plečnik’s Ljubljana
The great Slovenian and Central European architect Jože Plečnik left such a strong and indelible mark on Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, that we can even speak of the city as Plečnik’s Ljubljana. Plečnik spent his last 36 years in his native city, creating there a timeless and unique architecture which is still awe-inspiring. Let’s take a stroll through Plečnik’s Ljubljana to mark the 50th anniversary of the architect’s death.
A black folk dress
Slovenia does not have a single, uniform national costume, instantly recognised by foreigners, yet there are a number of folk costumes typical of a particular region. The most famous is the folk dress from Gorenjska, brightest and most picturesque of them all. Still, a special place is dedicated to the so-called “black dress”. 
The Ličens, graphic artists and illustrators
Polona and David Ličen are fascinating young artists. They make graphic prints and illustrations for children, and also create unique miniature books. They decided to encourage youngsters' interest in art in a somewhat different manner, and, a few years ago, opened the “Lična hiša” gallery.
A master of the violin shoulder rests
Avguštin Penič is a violinist and music teacher who has spent the last 15 years turning himself into one of the three best makers of violin shoulder rests in the world. Penič delights in making things that give people


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