SHOW 348 .. August 25th 2008

-  Rački ribniki Nature Park
- The Fratarica waterfalls
- The sculptural world of Irena Brunec
- Proletarian folk–rock band Orlek
- Traditional mowing in Šturmovci

Rački ribniki Nature Park, Tal 2000 botanical garden
Slovenia has one national park – that’s the Triglav National Park, three regional parks and as many as forty nature parks. All this is an indication of the country’s varied landscape and biotic diversity.
In the north-eastern part of the country, not far from Maribor, lies a rather large area of thick low-lying forest and standing water – this is the Rački ribniki – Požeg Nature Park.The almost 500 hectares of land with a castle is considered exceptional natural and cultural heritage.
The Fratarica waterfalls
The Posočje region, in the north-west of the country, is one of the most beautiful and remotest Slovenian mountain valleys – the Valley of the Loška Koritnica – is particularly charming due to the waterfalls that thunder down from the surrounding mountains. It isn’t called the valley of a hundred waterfalls for no reason.
Woman sculptor Irena Brunec
Irena Brunec is a sculptor and painter whose guiding principle is beauty. She is very much interested in poles of opposites: white and black, man and woman, vice and virtue... Her images are worked out in detail; her role models are artists who mastered the art of sculpting and painting.
The Orlek band
Orlek have been in the forefront of the Slovenian music scene for a number of years now. The band consists of excellent musicians who were the first in Slovenia to introduce elements of ethno, punk and polka into rock music. Besides their original sound, they are distinguished for their lyrics, which have a social and humorous note. They often perform abroad and, although they sing in Slovenian, their audiences always find them fascinating.
Mowing the old way
The Šturmovci landscape park is situated next to Lake Ptuj in the north-east of Slovenia. The local people there have revived traditional haymaking, which has turned out to be a real attraction for visitors.


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