SHOW 352 .. 1st November 2008

- Litography by Marko Pogačnik 
- Ornithologists at the Ljubljana Marshes
- Slovenia's Impressionists     
- Tenor Branko Robinšak
- The makers of motorcycles 

Litography by Marko Pogačnik 
People are becoming increasingly aware of the destruction of the environment and its impact on the ecological changes, and consequently also the urgent need for immediate action. Sculptor Marko Pogačnik has been engaged in Earth healing for the last three decades. He has developed a special method referred to as litho-puncture. By placing stone sculptures in a certain place in nature, he cleanses the energy of cities and landscapes. He’s been invited to many places throughout the world.
Ornithologists at the Ljubljana Marshes
Birds are one of the greatest indicators of changes in the environment. In Slovenia, ornithologists have registered about 400 bird species, which is a great data collection for such a small country. Over half of these birds nest in Slovenia, while the others only spend winter here, or stop in our country while migrating. One of the internationally renowned bird areas in Slovenia is the Ljubljana Marshes, a marshy flatland in the south of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
Slovenia's Impressionists   
The National Gallery of Slovenia, the central national arts institution, has marked its 90th anniversary with a superb exhibition of Slovenia’s Impressionists. Impressionist paintings, some exhibited for the very first time, are the true icons of Slovenia’s painting, with The Sower  by Ivan Grohar even being portrayed on Slovenia’s euro coin. The exhibition also features works by the Impressionists’ contemporaries and other materials, giving a complete picture of the time when they worked – that is the turn of the 19th into the 20th century. During this period art played an important part in the formation of the national identity of the Slovenes as self-confident Europeans. 
Tenor Branko Robinšak
Branko Robinšak, the first tenor of the Ljubljana Opera, is celebrating his 25th anniversary of artistic engagement. At the beginning of his career he frequently performed in Mozart’s operas, but later his repertoire expanded also to the works of Italian composers. In the last 25 years he has given over 50 brilliant solo opera performances and at least as many concert performances.
The makers of motorcycles 
Motorcycles coming from two workshops in Slovenia would most likely be appreciated even by the greatest motorcycling enthusiasts. They are all unique and hand-made. Motorcycles, designed and produced in the Dreamachine Motorcycles workshop, have been given awards at motorcycling festivals throughout Europe and the US.


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