SHOW 360 .. 07th March 2009

- Planica with Tamar
- Pležuh  
- Photographer Ales Kreze 
- The Stop percussion band  
- Paintings from hand-made paper  

Planica with Tamar
Planica is the famous ski-jumping valley in the north-western part of Slovenia, which ends with Tamar in its upper part. Planica is the cradle of ski-jumping, the venue for the annual world cup competition, and a symbol of Slovenia. It is worth visiting Planica and Tamar in any season, yet many believe that they are most beautiful during the winter, when this landscape turns into a winter fairy-tale.
The pležuh is one of the oldest winter means of transport in Slovenia. It originates from the Drava valley in the north-east of the country, where this simple means of transport has remained preserved. It is possible to see this rare example of folk tradition at an interesting ethnological event called “Downhill with a pležuh”, traditionally held on a snow stadium at the foot of the Pohorje hills.
Photographer Aleš Kreže
Aleš Kreže is an amateur photographer who is said to have a natural talent for capturing the moment. He is fascinated by its unpredictable nature which he tries to capture and reflect in all its glory. He has exhibited his masterful skills at the international photography contest organised by National Geographic Magazine. With his photograph of the Paris carousel he won the first prize in the Places Category. The National Geographic is synonymous with first-class photography, and in last 
The Stop percussion band
In Slovenia, the Slovenian Percussion Project, or STOP for short, has managed to gain wide public interest in percussion instruments. The band, which began performing 10 years ago as a pioneer of projects which involve complex set design, has made popular all kinds of percussion instruments. The STOP band use a number of classical, ethnological and other percussion instruments in their concerts, even kitchen utensils.
Paintings from hand-made paper  
Paper was discovered by the Chinese in the 2nd century AD, although it took another ten centuries for it to be introduced to the Europeans. Artist Metka Pepelnak has been drawing from its ancient tradition and its significance for humans. By employing various techniques she has managed to turn unique, hand-made recycled paper into works of art.

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