SHOW 362 .. 18th April 2009

- Archaeological finds in Ljubljanica 
- The Divaca Cave  
- Painter Zmago Jeraj 
- The Ljubljana Puppet Theatre 
- Perger gingerbread makers 

Archaeological heritage of the Ljubljanica river
The Ljubljanica river, which flows through the Slovenian capital, has always been an important element in the lives of the people living on its banks. Since it used to be a busy trade route, it has proven a real treasure trove of historical objects, resulting in rich archaeological finds. As an archaeological site of great importance it was even proclaimed a cultural monument some years ago. Over one thousand pieces found on its bed have been put on display at the National Museum of Slovenia until the end of September.
The Divača Cave
A large part of Slovenia lies on karst terrain, which provides a rich and exceptional underground world such as only few countries can boast. Some nine thousand underground caves have been discovered in Slovenia so far, but only a small portion of these are open to the public. One of these is the Divača Cave, located in the region called Kras, from where the technical term karst, used all over the world, originates. Although the cave is relatively small, it hides a wide range of karst phenomena.
Painter Zmago Jeraj
Zmago Jeraj is an all-round artist – a painter, draughtsman, graphic artist, photographer, graphic designer and scenographer. He was one of the key personalities on the Slovenian fine arts scene in the second half of the 20th century and still has a prominent role today. He has won many national and international awards and acknowledgements, including this year’s Prešeren Award for lifetime work, the country’s most prestigious award for cultural achievements. Zmago Jeraj, who is also known for not naming his paintings, lives and creates in Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city.
The Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
The art of puppetry in Slovenia has a strong tradition and has reached a high level of development, crowned by awards from many international festivals. In addition to 23 institutions and professionals involved in puppetry, there are also about a hundred performances a year staged by amateur puppeteers. Slovenian puppeteers are also active members of UNIMA, the international puppetry organisation, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. 
Perger gingerbread makers
Gingerbread making is a centuries-old craft, and one in which Slovenia still plays an active role. The Perger family from Slovenj Gradec have been handing down this tradition from one generation to another since 1757. Currently the ninth generation of gingerbread makers are plying their trade and, just like the generations before them, they are adding something new to the traditional gingerbread products, the most remarkable among which is still the colourful and richly decorated gingerbread heart.

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