SHOW 391 .. 06th September 2010

- Snežnik Castle 
- Brown bears 
- Monk Branko Petauer, photographer  
- Water-Based energy trail  
- Amphora wine 

Snežnik Castle
The extensive forests of the Notranjska region hide the attractive Snežnik Castle named so after the mountain situated in its immediate vicinity. A short while ago the castle was completely renovated. Much of its interior furnishing has been preserved in the castle, which is otherwise rarely the case in Slovenia.
Brown bears 
The brown bear is one of the three large wild animals living in Slovenia. Once it was settled throughout Europe, while today it is extinct in most European countries and thus considered an endangered species. In Slovenia, we are proud to have managed to preserve this animal, and even export it, although humans sometimes also feel threatened by its presence. In recent years research has been carried out whose aim is the long-term preservation of the brown bear and its habitat, and ensuring its peaceful co-existence with human beings.
Monk Branko Petauer, photographer
Monk Branko Petauer is a member of a monastic order in the Stična monastery in the Dolenjska region. Being a Cistercian, his life is dedicated to prayer and work. Yet with his respect for animals he is also successful at capturing scenes from nature through the lenses of his camera.
Water-Based energy trail in Most na Soči
Most na Soči is a picturesque settlement situated in the centre of the Soča Valley. Rich archaeological finds dating particularly from the times of the Hallstatt culture rank it among the most important prehistoric settlements not only in Slovenia, but also in Central Europe. In addition to cultural and historical trail, which runs around Soča and its surrounding area, there is also a water-based energy trail, the topic of our next report.
Amphora wine
Earthenware containers were used to make wine more than 5000 years ago. This original and distinctly natural method of wine-making has recently been revived in Slovenia by some wine-producers. They had huge jars imported from Georgia, the homeland of wine. These are variously known as amphorae or dolia and are used for maturing wine, leaving in awe even the greatest connoisseurs with its exquisite taste. The Kabaj-Morel tourist farm in Goriška Brda in the west of Slovenia offers just such delights.


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