SHOW 398 .. 13th December 2010

- The Postojna Cave
- Designer Eta Sadar Breznik 
- Manufacturer of traditional
- The Stop Percussion Band 
- Chocolate Makers

The Postojna Cave
Almost half of Slovenian territory is covered by the Karst with its typical phenomena. Among them are some 10 thousand explored caves. The largest and most visited is the Postojna Cave – a network of tunnels, galleries and halls, which hide an incredible treasure of stalactites. It is the only cave in the world which takes you for a ride on a cave train.
Designer Eta Sadar Breznik
Architect Eta Sadar Breznik has devoted her work to textile art. She loves to create woven spatial objects, which have gained her a lot of attention and recognition from abroad. However, she has also taken up the challenge of creating clothing.
A manufacturer of traditional instruments
The world of Vlado Nučič is one of traditional and historical instruments. Today, he is the only manufacturer of barrel organs in Slovenia and is a great enthusiast of folk music and music from periods gone by.
The Stop percussion band
The Slovenian Percussion Project, or STOP for short, is a band, which a decade ago acted as a pioneer with projects involving complex set design that popularise all kinds of percussion instruments. The STOP band uses a number of classical, ethnological and other percussion instruments in their concerts, even kitchen utensils.
Chocolate makers
Two decades ago, there was a fairly poor selection of chocolate goodies in Slovenia. However, today there are a fair number of excellent chocolate makers, which spoil the eyes and taste buds and please the soul. We now present to you one of these chocolate makers.


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