SHOW 402 .. 20th February

- Pokljuka in winter
- Sound artist Hanna Preuss
- The Museum of Christianity 
- Painter and musician Sašo Vrabič   
- The Slovenian Ray Charles - 
  Uroš Perić 

Pokljuka in winter
Pokljuka, a scenic plateau in the Triglav National Park, is a paradise for lovers of unspoilt nature and sports enthusiasts alike. In winter-time it is a popular destination for cross-country skiers, especially since the opening of the new modern sports centre in 2009. Pokljuka has already been the venue for numerous international sports events.
The sonorous theatre of Hanna Preuss
The Polish internationally renowned sound artist Hanna Preuss has lived and worked in Slovenia for more than 30 years. A couple of years ago she moved from screen to stage and became founder of the Sonorous Theatre, a new form of avant-garde European theatre where the emphasis is on sound.
The Museum of Christianity in Slovenia
The Stična Cistercian Abbey in the Dolenjska region was established in 1136, some 30 years after the foundation of the Cistercian Order. Today it is the oldest active monastery in Slovenia. Besides the monks and the numerous people who visit the abbey to attend spiritual exercises, it also houses the Museum of Christianity in Slovenia.
Painter and musician Sašo Vrabič
The exciting young artist Sašo Vrabič in his work combines various media such as painting, video art, photography, the internet, urban intervention and music. In the last six years Vrabič has collaborated with fellow painters and his own family on a set of works he calls “Fairly Accessible Paintings”.
Musician Uroš Perić
When Uroš Perić heard the great Ray Charles for the first time, his whole music career was mapped out. Today, the successful young singer and pianist is known as the Slovenian Ray Charles. The resemblance in timbre and interpretation to the legendary jazz musician has impressed audiences, musicians and music critics alike. Recently, Uroš Perić has recorded two new albums, one a collection of jazz duets with top Slovenian and international musicians released in Slovenia, and the other, a celebration of Ray Charles’ 80th birthday, released in Germany.


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