SHOW 406 .. 17th April 2011

- Dobrna Thermal Spa
- The walnut “potica” 
- Mountaineer Viki Grošelj 
- National Musuem of Slovenia 
- A book for dyslexics

Dobrna Health Spa
Despite its small land area, Slovenia is full of natural riches, which include healing thermal springs. There are fifteen officially recognized natural spas, most of them in eastern Slovenia. The Dobrna Thermal Spa, with a 600-year-old tradition, is the oldest still-active spa resort. Dobrna is the only spa in Slovenia specialized for the balneotherapy of gynecology patients.
The walnut “potica”
A sweetbread known as “potica” is one of Slovenia's most distinctive and popular desserts. It's traditionally prepared during major holidays such as Easter and Christmas. There are apparently about a hundred types of “potica” with various fillings in Slovenia, but the type with a walnut filling has a special place. An unwritten rule states that a good cook must know how to make a walnut “potica”. Famous for its masterfully baked “potica” is “Pri Kuklju” in the town of Velike Lašče, an inn with a more than 200-year-old tradition.
Mountaineer Viki Grošelj
Viki Grošelj is a legend of Slovenian mountaineering. He belongs to a generation which, in the 1970s, made the first ascents to peaks with an altitude of more than 8000 meters and placed Slovenian mountaineering among the world's best, where it has remained to this day. Viki is the Slovenian who conquered the most 8000-meter peaks; he's also a mountain guide and rescuer, sports teacher and author of books about mountaineering.
National Musuem of Slovenia
The National Museum of Slovenia, founded in 1821, is the country's oldest museum institution in charge of moveable cultural heritage. Two years ago, the museum received its new exhibiting spaces and depot grounds in the complex of the former military barracks on Metelkova street, where a new museum quarter in Ljubljana has emerged. On display as part of the museum's permanent exhibition are objects of applied arts from the 14th century to the present day.
A book for dyslexics
There are some 15,000 people with dyslexia in Slovenia and the awareness of this specific reading and writing disorder is growing, even though dyslexics still face considerable difficulties. Ten-year-old Henrik Riko Zupan knows firsthand what dyslexics have to deal with, so he decided to write a book that will make reading easier for other kids with this disorder. The resulting book very effectively shows how books for dyslexic readers should look like.



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