SHOW 409 .. 12th June 2011


- Škofja Loka
- Matkov kot
- Biologist Maja Zagmajster
- Škrateljnova hiša, a Museum of Actors
- An Open-Door Day At Pliskovica

The medieval town of Škofja Loka,
Škofja Loka, situated just over 20 kilometres north-west of Slovenia’s capital city, is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the country, although now in some need of renovation. The people of Škofja loka were famous tradesmen, craftsmen, carvers and artists, and the fašades of the houses there still testify to their skills. The castle which overlooks the town was built by the bishops of Freising.
Matkov kot
Matkov kot is a small, remote Alpine valley in the north of Slovenia. It lies parallel to the more famous Logar Valley, squeezed between two mountain ridges, along one of which runs the stare border with Austria. The valley itself is not inhabited, but isolated farms are perched on the surrounding slopes.
Biologist Maja Zagmajster
Biologist Maja Zagmajster is actively engaged in researching the biodiversity of underground animals. She is the first women from Slovenia to be awarded the Unesco grant ‘For Women in Science’, an award that aims to strengthen the position of women in various scientific fields. She was given the grant for her project on the biodiversity of the underground animals of the Dinaric Karst.
Škrateljnova hiša
Divača, a sleepy Karst town about 30 kilometres from the coast, is home to the 400-year-old Škrateljnova hiša, or Škratelj’s house, one of the most beautiful monuments of Karst architecture in the country. The building has been beautifully restored and now houses the Museum of Slovenian Film Actors. One of these is Ita Rina, the first Slovenian film star to become famous in European film production, who was born in this very house.
In the heart of the Karst region lies Pliskovica, a typical Kart village, surrounded by vineyards, where a traditional Day of Open borjači or courtyards is held. Here visitors can sample not only the local dishes, but also the Karst tradition and way of life.


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