SHOW 414 .. 2. October 2011

- The Bridges Of Ljubljana
- Natural scientist Ivan Esenko
- Graphic designer Jože Domjan
- The Vrata valley
- 80th Anniversary of the Toplice Hotel 

The bridges of Ljubljana
People visiting Slovenia are invariably pleasantly surprised by its capital city, Ljubljana. The increasing numbers of tourists visiting the city are especially charmed by the banks of the Ljubljanica river and its bridges. Today’s report looks at the bridges adorning the old city centre.
Natural scientist Ivan Esenko
Ivan Esenko is one of the most famous natural scientists from Slovenia and is also engaged in ornithology and nature photography. He lives in the outskirts of Ljubljana, where he has set up a fantastic garden, used not only for his pleasure and relaxation, but also for his work. Ivan Esenko is a member of the Bird-Watching Society of Slovenia and the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Graphic Designer Jože Domjan
Graphic designer Jože Domjan is one of the leading designers of theatre posters in Slovenia, and his work has earned him considerable international recognition. His posters have been added to permanent collections in museums, galleries and libraries throughout Europe, the US and Japan. He lives and works in the countryside, where he’s managed to find genuine quality of life in perfect harmony with nature. 
The Vrata valley
Three Alpine valleys lead to the foot of Mt Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia and one of the country’s national symbols. The most famous and to many the most beautiful is the Vrata Valley, leading its way from the village of Mojstrana to the very foot of the majestic north face of the mountain. The valley is also a starting point for other popular climbing destinations. 
80th Anniversary of the Toplice Hotel in Bled
The most charming hotel in Bled, the Toplice, situated on the shore of the famous lake, is this year celebrating its 80th anniversary. When it was built in 1931, on the site of a predecessor from the mid 19th century, it was considered the most prestigious and modern hotel in the country. The hotel has managed to retain its special charm, enticing its guests to return to Bled time and time again.


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