SHOW 415 .. 16th October 2011


- Metelkova   
- Tivoli park 
- Robert Brus and the trees 
- The Košana valley and Sušica 
- Photographer Matjaž Kačičnik 

Metelkova - Centre of alternative culture 
Twenty years ago, just after Slovenia's independence, the former military barracks situated in the very centre of Ljubljana, was gradually turned into a lively centre of alternative culture. A special attraction of Metelkova is the Celica hostel, a former military prison, which has lately been rated as one of the most unique and trendy hostels in the world.
Tivoli park
Slovenia's capital also has its own green oases. The largest is undoubtedly its Tivoli Park stretching into the very centre of Ljubljana. Tivoli Park gradually turns into two forests covering the two hills of Rožnik and Šišenski hrib, which combined, cover just over 500 hectares of the regional park, a famous place of retreat for the people of Ljubljana.
Robert Brus and the trees
This year, proclaimed by the UN as the Year of Forests, is dedicated to the special care which should be given to the green lungs of the Earth. Slovenia belongs among the most forested countries in Europe, closely following Sweden and Finland. Experts claim that Slovenia's forests are of high quality, diverse and naturally sustainable, which is quite rare elsewhere. One such expert on forests and the trees is Robert Brus.
The Košana valley and Sušica
Over the last fifty years, villages scattered through the valley of Košana have gradually been losing their population. Yet now it seems that life is coming back to this area bordering the Notranjska and Primorska regions. It is especially lively in the village of Stara Sušica.
Photographer Matjaž Kačičnik
Photographer Matjaž Kačičnik moved to Egypt, where he has lived and worked for the past seven years. He is one of the few photographers that has been granted permission to take photographs of the Egyptian pyramids and the pharaohs' tombs in the Valley of the Kings. We caught him during one of his visits to Slovenia, where he has been snapping the legacy of one of his fellow countrymen that also had a connection with Egypt.




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