SHOW 421 .. 29th January 2012

- Wolves in Slovenia 
- Pokljuka in the wintertime 
- The merry women of Ribnica 
- Painter Darja Štefančič
- Magnifico 

The wolves in Slovenia
Slovenia is one of the few countries in Europe which, in spite of its size, as it covers only about 20,000 square kilometres, has managed to safeguard all three great beasts: the bear, the lynx and the wolf. Since 2010, the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana has been engaged in SloWolf, a four-year research project on wolves. This project is expected to bear new findings on this beast, as so little is known about wolves and their behaviour.
Almost 60% of Slovenia's territory is covered by woods, making this territory a perfect home to the great European beasts. The high-mountain plateau of Pokljuka in Triglav National Park is also covered by thick forests, and is a real oasis for the lovers of unspoilt nature as well as sports enthusiasts. During the winter, it is extremely popular among cross-country skiers, especially since 2009, when a modern sports centre was built there.
The merry women of Ribnica
Ribnica in the south-east of Slovenia is one of the oldest settlements in the country and the centre of Ribnica Valley, taking its pride in a 500-year old tradition of handicrafts. The local population is engaged in the production of woodenware, sold by the locals for centuries, both in Slovenia and abroad. The great Ribnica tradition is also still kept alive in the songs of Vesele Ribničanke – the Merry Women of Ribnica.
Painter Darja Štefančič
Darja Štefančič is a unique and original painter. Her dreamy, almost Biblical gardens and landscapes have their own story to tell, depicting the painter's sensitivity and contemplative perception of the world. They are full of optimism and intense colours.
Magnifico is one of the most original musicians of Slovenia’s music scene. His style can hardly be squeezed into one definition: he makes music that sounds good to him at a given moment, from pop and rock, to country, and music with a Balkan feel. He produces one hit after another and continually manages to win over, not only local, but also international markets.

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