SHOW 426 .. 8th April 2012

- Prem castle 
- Painter Ljubo Radovac 
- Vrhnika Easter eggs 
- Musician Tomaž Rauh 
- Jewellery by Dalija Sega 

Prem castle
In the south of Slovenia, not far from the town of Ilirska Bistrica, Prem Castle sits in a village bearing the same name. This is one of only a few preserved castles in this part of the country. It was built over 800 years ago on the foundations of a Roman fortress and is an excellent example of traditional castle design, complete with a walled courtyard.
Painter Ljubo Radovac
Painter Ljubo Radovac has become best known for his unique interpretations of landscape motifs whose three-dimensional designs come alive on two-dimensional canvasses. This technique is referred to as the stereogram. Ljubo Radovac creates his stereograms using a traditional painting process, rather than with computer technology. He finds his motifs in the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia’s coast, especially in the Sečovlje salt pans.
Vrhnika Easter eggs
There are many different methods of Easter egg decoration known in Slovenia. Each region has its special name for it, along with typical themes and techniques. One of the modern Easter egg decoration techniques is drilling small holes into the shell. This technique was invented by Franc Grom from Vrhnika, who turns his “Vrhnika eggs”, drilled with thousands of small holes, into real lace-like artwork.
Musician Tomaž Rauch
Slovenia’s culture is exceptionally diverse, having been subject to Germanic, Romance, Finno-Ugric and Slavonic influences. This helps to explain why our folk music is also so appealing and diverse. For years, folk music has been the favourite research topic for musician Tomaž Rauch, who is also a passionate collector of folk music instruments.
Jewellery by Dalija Sega                                                                                                                           Sculptor Dalija Sega has dedicated her professional life to jewellery design, making each of her pieces a unique miniature sculpture in its own right. These miniature artworks indeed represent Dalija Sega’s own fascinating way of story-telling.



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