SHOW 430 .. 16th June 2012

- The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship
- M. Lenarčič Around-the-World-Flight
- Illustrator Milanka Fabjančič
- Painter Stanislava Pudobska
- Socerb

The Path of Rememberance and Comradeship in Ljubljana
The occupation of Ljubljana during World War II has a special place in the history of European capitals since Ljubljana was the only city that was completely surrounded by barbed wire. Along the path of the wire, 33 kilometers in length, the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship  has encircled the city for decades. Increasingly, it represents a yearlong bond of urban dwellers with nature. In early May, on the anniversary of Ljubljana’s liberation, it becomes the site of a traditional commemorative walk.
Pilot Matev¾ Lenarčič
After a period of eight years, extreme pilot, biologist and photographer Matev¾ Lenarčič has again successfully completed an around-the-world flight in an ultra light plane – developed by the world-known Slovenian company Pipistrel. During his journey, which lasted more than three months, he covered almost 100 thousand kilometers. As part of the project, which he named Green Light World Flight, Lenarčič also conducted various types of research.
Illustrator Milanka Fabjančič
Milanka Fabjančič fell in love with drawing as a small child, and has now devoted herself to this art professionally. She is a trained painter, but has always had an enthusiasm for illustration. In addition to creating book illustrations, she also draws costume sketches for the respected costume designer Alan Hranitelj. Recently, she has been devoting most of her time to her own brand – Haha! – which combines illustration with industrial design.
Painter Stanislava Pudobska
The Notranjska region with the intermittent Lake Cerknica is an endless source of inspiration for numerous artists, including painter Stanislava Sluga Pudobska from Lo¹ka dolina. In fact, it was the village name of Pudob that inspired her artistic name.
For a millennium, Socerb Castle has towered over the sheer rock face of the Karst ridge, which represents a natural boundary between the continental part of Slovenia and the country’s coast with the Istrian peninsula. Because of its immense strategic importance, the castle played a very important role throughout history. Today, its remains are interesting primarily because of the exceptional view across the Gulf of Trieste, as well as the good food served up in the castle, which now houses a restaurant.


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