SHOW 461 .. 4th January

- Brežice Castle 
- Kaki cultivation
- The Seascape 27 sailing boat
- Anthron and their safety gear
- Flamma Art ceramics

Brežice Castle
Brežice Castle in the Posavje region of eastern Slovenia is famous for its Knight’s Hall, which is lavishly decorated and offers one of the best examples of secular baroque fresco painting in the country. The Knight’s Hall is a perfect venue for summer concerts, while the castle is also home to the Posavje Museum.
Kaki growing
The kaki is also referred to as the heavenly fruit or the apple of paradise. Its original home is eastern Asia, and while it was first grown in Slovenia in the thirties of the previous century, serious kaki cultivation here only really started a little over two decades ago. The largest kaki plantations in Slovenia can be found in the Strunjan valley, where a kaki holiday is held in November when this healthy and delicious fruit is ripe for harvest.
The Seascape 27 sailing boat
Although Slovenia’s present-day coastline is only some 47 kilometres long, the Slovenes are still a maritime nation. And boat-makers from Slovenia are regarded as among the best in the world of nautical manufacture, something which is borne out by the many international prizes and awards they have won. A lot of attention has recently been paid to the Seascape 27 sailing boat, which was nominated for the European Boat of the Year. In Slovenia, the Seascape 27 even received the top design achievement award for 2013.
Anthron and their safety gear
Slovenia is full of innovative people with great ideas, but many lack courage or ties with the capital: this was one of the conclusions recently made at Slovenia’s forum of innovations. Today we have a report for you on a successful family company, Anthron. They have become famous for their innovative protection systems for cave explorers, anthron being a Greek word for cave. Today Anthron is a world-leading manufacturer of fall-protection and rescue equipment for both sports and industry.
Flamma Art
Eva Berce and David Almajer are a young couple who moved from the city to the country. They discovered a space ideal for their creative work and a gallery in a room that had once served as a barn. Several years ago, they started to produce bespoke ceramics, which they have trademarked under the brand “Flamma Art”. They  use stoneware clay which has to be fired at the extremely high temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius or just under 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Its quality is comparable to that of porcelain.

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