SHOW 462 .. January 18th 2014

- Kropa, The cradle of blacksmithing
- Potičnica at Bled 
- An exhibition about doors 
- Photographer Tomo Jeseničnik
- The jewellery of Dalija Sega

Blacksmithing in Kropa
Kropa, a small town in the northwest of the country, is the Slovenian cradle of blacksmithing. Ironworks and blacksmithing have been the driving force of this town for seven centuries. At the peak of its development, in the 18th and early 19th century, more than 130 different types of nails were produced here, while in the 20th century, the town became famous for its artistic blacksmithing.
Potičnica at Bled
The cultural diversity of the Slovenian regions offers a range of culinary delicacies, including about 80 varieties of the festive cake known as the potica. Not a holiday goes by without it. In the first Slovenian potičnica on the island in the middle of Lake Bled, they bake more than 50 types of potica, which is more than you’ll find anywhere else.
The heritage of doors in Slovenia
Doors are a faithful companion of life. On its 90th anniversary, the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum set up a central exhibition dedicated to doors, entitled Doors – Spatial and Symbolic Passageways of Life.
Photographer Tomo Jeseničnik
Tomo Jeseničnik has received several awards for his photographic work. He lives and creates in the region of Koroška in the north of the country, but his path often takes him around the world. Besides landscape, scientific and news photography, he also dedicates his time to creative studio photography.
The jewellery of Dalija Sega 
Dalija Sega is a sculptor and jewellery designer. Each of her pieces of jewellery is a miniature sculpting masterpiece that tells an interesting story.


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