SHOW 467 .. 5th April 2014

- The Hrastnik Glassworks 
- The Garden of Remembrance and      
- Illustrator Peter Škerl
- Bowyer F. Oblak
- The Komna plateau

The Hrastnik Glassworks
The glass industry in Slovenia developed from forest glassworks known as glažute, which spread throughout the country in the 17th century. A forerunner of the glassworks in Hrastnik began to operate in the area in the early 18th century, while superior products from the purest glass have been produced at the Hrastnik Glassworks itself for over a century and a half.
The Garden of Remembrance and Comradeship
In Petanjci, not far from the Mura River in north-eastern Slovenia, just along the border with Austria, a private memorial park began to take shape after the Second World War. The park with its garden is dedicated to the victims of fascist violence and other human suffering, and to efforts for world peace. Today, the Garden of Remembrance and Comradeship sports more than 500 trees from around the globe and is part of the Slovenian network of botanical gardens and arboreta.
Illustrator Peter Škerl
Over the past 20 years, illustrator Peter Škerl has produced an extensive body of illustrations for textbooks, picture books and magazines, as well as several puppet shows. He has illustrated some 14 books, including Močvirniki, or Marsh Creatures, for which he has received several prestigious national awards. In 2013, the book was ranked among the top 250 children’s books in the world, and this year brought Peter Škerl a nomination for the IBBY Honour List.
Bowyer Franci Oblak
Franci Oblak is a designer and producer of top-quality bows and is himself an archer. His bows are well respected both in Slovenia and abroad, since they give a faster, more powerful and more accurate shot. They are also beautifully designed. Each one is crafted by hand with the particular client in mind.
The Komna plateau
As spring arrives in the valley, the mountains are still shrouded in snow. Komna, the vast plateau above Lake Bohinj, is a particularly popular winter destination for off-piste skiers. And Dom na Komni, which is open all year round, is one of the most visited mountain huts in the Slovenian mountains.



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