SHOW 472 .. 28th June 2014


- Turjak Castle
- The iron trail
- Alpine flowers
- The Shell Museum in Piran
- Stara Gora and its Windmill 

Turjak Castle
Turjak Castle, which lies some 20 kilometres southeast of our capital city of Ljubljana, is one of the most important and best known castles in the country. It was owned by the Counts of Auersperg from the time of its construction until World War II. The counts were also known as the Counts of Turjak after the castle itself and were one of the most significant noble families living in the area of present-day Slovenia. The castle, which was burned down during the war, has now been partially restored and declared a cultural and historical monument.
The iron trail
The high-altitude terrain of the eastern Julian Alps has been populated since the Bronze Age, as indicated by the latest archaeological findings in the area of the Pokljuka Plateau, the Triglav Range, Komna and the lower Bohinj mountains. The high mountain Iron Trail now connects these archaeological sites for the more intrepid visitor.
Alpine flowers
Because of their proximity to the Adriatic Sea and their limestone composition, the Slovenian Alps are particularly suitable for plant life and boast a high degree of biotic diversity. There are also a number of species of plants that grow only here. Therefore it's no surprise that our Alpine environment has been attracting botanists from around the world for centuries.
The Piran Museum of Shells
There are supposedly some 200 thousand species of snails and shellfish in the world, several thousand of which are on display at a museum in Piran on the Slovenian coast dedicated to this fascinating fauna. The exhibition “The Magical World of Shells” includes examples from all of the world’s oceans and continents. The museum is the only one of its kind in Slovenia and among just a handful in Europe.
Stara Gora and its Windmill
Stara Gora may only be a small settlement in the heart of the Slovenske gorice hill country in the northeastern part of Slovenia, but it has many a secret to share with its visitors. The most striking of these is undoubtedly its windmill, which is the only preserved example of its kind in the whole of the country.


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