SHOW 479 .. 31st October 2014

- Križanke
- Reuse centres
- Illustrator Polona Pačnik
- Slovenia’s healing energy points
- Ribničan beans

The former monastery of the Order of Teutonic Knights is now one of the most attractive event venues in Ljubljana. The task of adapting the dilapidated 13th century monastery to its new use was entrusted to the great Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik in the mid 20th century. Križanke, which he masterfully redesigned, was Plečnik’s greatest, and indeed final, post-war project.
Reuse centres
In Slovenia, there is still rather a strong stigma attached to secondhand goods, though this is weakening thanks in part to foreign influence and the financial crisis. In recent years, more than 10 reuse centres have opened their doors. There hard-to-employ people are offered work, while objects that are no longer needed gain new practical and aesthetic value as well as new purpose. And as a beneficial side-effect, the centres also help to preserve the environment.
Illustrator Polona Pačnik
Illustrator Polona Pačnik draws her stories on cups. Her heroes, whom she draws directly onto porcelain in her signature comic-strip style, come mostly from the world of literature and are accompanied with humorous quotes and stories.
Slovenia’s healing energy points
Our ancient ancestors lived in touch with nature and were intimately familiar with the energy streams that crisscross the Earth. In places where these streams emerge on the surface, they create energy-rich areas that are beneficial to our well-being. Slovenia has many areas rich in both healing springs and beneficial ground energy. Among these is the Tunjice Natural Healing Grove, the only scientifically proven natural energy area in Europe.
Ribničan beans
Beans were first grown in Slovenia in the 17th century, and since then several indigenous varieties have been cultivated. These include the Ribničan variety, which is grown in the village of Hrovača near Ribnica in southeastern Slovenia and even has a culinary festival devoted to it – Bean Day. 

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