SHOW 491 .. 1st June 2015

- The town of Lendava
- Alpine climber Luka Lindič
- Owls, birds of wisdom and superstition
- Illustrator Polona Pačnik
- Tomos motorcycles

Lendava is Slovenia’s easternmost town, straddling the Hungarian border in the region of Prekmurje. With about a third of its population made up of ethnic Hungarians, the area is officially bilingual. Until World War II, it was also home to Slovenia’s largest Jewish community. The mighty Lendava Castle and the winegrowing Lendava Hills provide a picturesque backdrop to the town.
Alpine climber Luka Lindič
Slovenian mountaineers have long ranked among the best in the world. This excellence is underscored by the fact that earlier this year, they received their sixth Piolet d’Or in the 23-year-long history of the world's oldest mountaineering prize. Along with colleagues Marko Prezelj and Aleš Česen, young mountaineer Luka Lindič received the award for his pioneering ascent of Hagshu in the Himalayas last year.
Owls are regarded as symbols of wisdom and knowledge, yet at the same time there are few animals associated with so much superstition! Eight species of owl live in Slovenia. They were among the first birds to receive legal protection in the country, this back in the 1990s, and various owl conservation projects have taken place since then.
Illustrator Polona Pačnik
Illustrator Polona Pačnik draws her stories on cups. Her heroes, whom she applies to the porcelain in a comic-strip style, mainly come from literature and are accompanied by humorous quotes and narratives.
Tomos motorcycles
When Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia, the Tomos Motorcycle Factory in Koper was the pride of the republic’s socialist industry. Tomos motorcycles set the standard for durability and reliability. Their production began 60 years ago, under a licence agreement with the Austrian company Puch, but Tomos quickly shifted production to the manufacture of their own designs, including racing models.



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