SHOW 292 .. 9th December 2005

- Solčavsko
- The maker of trniči 
- Puppets in Slovenia 
- B. Potočan, dancer and choreographer
- Glass products

The alpine region of Solčavsko
First to Solčavsko, an Alpine region in the north of central Slovenia, made up of three amazing glacial valleys – Logarska dolina, Robanov kot and Matkov kot. The area is surrounded by mountains and characterised by solitary alpine farms.
Richly decorated cheeses called trniči
Velika Planina, an alpine plateau, has one of the most picturesque herdsmen’s settlements in Slovenia. Decades ago, dairy farms on Velika Planina and the neighbouring meadows were known for trniči, cheese buns that were once considered among the most beautiful folk love gifts. Today they are only still produced by shepherdess Rezka Mali.
Puppets in Slovenia
The rich tradition of Slovenian puppetry has enabled it to rise to a high level and win awards at international festivals. Here we present a short overview of the history of puppetry in Slovenia.
Dancer and choreographer Branko Potočan
For over a decade, choreographer, dancer and director Branko Potočan has been enrapturing his audiences with his dance group Fourklor. As the group’s choreographer he finds the themes for his performances in everyday life. Besides dance elements his performances also include movements borrowed from the world of sport. They are full of untypical dance props that enable improvisation and challenge the boundaries of the genre.
The colourful world of glass decorations.
Glass is among the most beautiful things discovered by man. It has always been  popular for making jewellery and small useful objects. An array of technological possibilities in glass design and decoration present a special challenge to designers.

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