SHOW 306 .. 13th October 2006

- The technical heritage of the Idrija mine
- The artistic expression of Rudolf Španzel
- Železnik accordions - past and present
- Tone Tomšič student choir
- Mozirski gaj and the Alpine garden

"Kamšt" and "klavže" from Idrija
The Idrija mine used to be the second largest mercury mine in the world, and, as far as technology is concerned, one of the best equipped in Europe. It was closed after 500 years of operation, but Idrija has remained committed to its mining tradition and its diverse cultural and technical heritage. Its outstanding monuments are klavže, over 200-years old dams used to retain water for the transport of timber, and a water wheel called the kamšt.
Painter Rudolf Španzel
Rather than turning to modern trends, Rudolf Španzel is a painter who feels closely connected to the old painting masters. His portraits are highly appreciated and feature on Slovenia’s currency, the tolar. The national currency will soon be no more than a fond memory, however, since on 1 January 2007 Slovenia will be adopting the euro.
Železnik accordions
The accordion is extremely popular in Slovenia, with several makers of the instrument in the country. The Železnik family has a long tradition of making accordions and, by providing high quality and an innovative approach, one family member now has a place among the elite of his trade. With his innovation, an electronic interface, a single accordion can sound like a whole quintet.
Tone Tomšič student choir
The Slovenes have many choirs, with some considered among the very best in the world. And one of the best is definitely the Tone Tomšič student choir, this year celebrating its 80th anniversary. The only time the choir was not active was during the Second World War, and so far over 1,600 singers have performed in it. 
Mozirski gaj and the Alpine garden
Mozirski gaj is a flower park of Slovenia’s gardeners, situated about 50 kilometres north-east of the capital Ljubljana, and to the most easily accessible Alpine garden in Europe, adjoining the Golte ski-centre. A cable car whisks the visitor up to 1,400 metres above sea level, leaving an easy stroll to the beautiful Alpine flora.


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