SHOW 310 .. 08th December

- Slovenia and the euro 
- Mountain rescuers 
- Painter Irena Polanec 
- The Seminary Library in Ljubljana 
- Ceramic artist B. Štembergar 

Slovenia, the 13th country to join the euro
Slovenia has experienced a decade and a half of great changes. And today, another major change is about to occur. On January 1st 2007 the national currency, the tolar, will become history. In its short lifespan, the tolar was valued highly, and rightly so. Now, though, it is to be replaced by the euro.
Mountain rescue
Slovenia is an alpine country. Its mountains may not boast such high peaks as the Central Alps, yet their beauty and splendour make them irresistible for lovers of nature and the highlands. Sadly, with the growing number of visitors, the number of mountain accidents is also on the rise; this year alone there have been some 300. It is fortunate, then, that Slovenian mountain rescuers are among the best-qualified in Europe.
Painter Irena Polanec
Irena Polanec is a name that stands out among modern Slovenian fine artists. She started her career abroad, in Paris, where she lived for 15 years and which she still considers her second home. And it was in Paris that her Eves were born – mysterious women that provided the name for an extensive artistic opus.
The Seminary Library
The Seminary Library in Ljubljana is the oldest public scientific library in Slovenia. Time stopped there in the second half of the 19th century, when the last books were registered. Yet despite the passage of time, the library is in the same condition as it was at the time of its completion 300 years ago, since there has never been a candle lit or a light switched on, and the room has never been heated.
Ceramic artist B. Štembergar
The magical month of December is here again – a time for merrymaking and for presents. And perhaps you will get an idea or two when you see the ceramic products of Barbara Zupan Štembergar. These can be used both for decoration or as useful everyday objects in the home.

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