SHOW 314 .. 17th February 2007

- Zelške jame in winter 
- Wax pictures by Rafael Samec 
- Organ maker Anton Škrabl
- Painter Jože Spacal 
- Musica Cubicularis group 

Zelške jame in winter
The mysterious karst world of Notranjska is the world record holder for the number of caves in a comparatively small area. So far, 1600 caves and abysses have been researched. A few very interesting caves can be found near Cerknica, among them Zelške jame. They are a part of the natural sights of Rakov Škocjan, a karst valley protected as a regional park.
Wax pictures by Rafael Samec
Rafael Samec is a special kind of artist. The material he uses to express himself is wax, which offers him countless possibilities in his creative process. At first, he made beautiful candles, real little sculptures, but recently he has also been creating wonderful relief paintings.
Organ maker Anton Škrabl
Organ maker Anton Škrabl devoted himself to this instrument, which is said to be the queen of musical instruments, about two decades ago, during his schooling in Germany. He built his first organ in 1990, whereas nowadays he owns one of the biggest and most modern organ workshops in Europe, which follows all technological innovations.
Painter Jože Spacal
Visual artist Jože Spacal has become a master of various techniques – he's renowned and admired for his graphic prints and extraordinary oeuvre of more than 300 television scenographies. In the following minutes we'll meet him as the author of mosaics, which he's been devoted to since the very beginning of his art career. In recent years, he has been working only in this ancient technique. He's given his mosaics an original, relief form.
Musica Cubicularis music group,
There’s no study programme for Early Music in Slovenia, so musicians who are interested in this kind of music, study it abroad. This was the case with the three superb musicians who founded the Baroque music group, Musica Cubicularis, two years ago. The group also performs the musical heritage of the composers who worked on Slovenian soil in the 17th century.


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