SHOW 316 .. 17th March 2007

- The underground of mount Peca
- The Vozlič architects
- The sculpting oeuvre of Miha Kač
- Brina Vogelnik, an all-round artist
- A culinary specialty from Prekmurje

In the heart of mount Peca
Mines are becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Most mines that have been closed down now house mine museums, which remind the visitors of the times gone by. One such museum is the Mežica Lead and Zinc Mine Museum in the region of Koroška, in the north-east of Slovenia. This year it has applied for the distinguished ‘European Museum of the Year Award’. A singular attraction of this mine is underground cycling.
Vozlič architects
2007 has been announced Jože Plečnik year, as 50 years have passed since the death of this great architect, and 135 years since his birth. This prominent Slovenian, whose architectural masterpieces adorn such cities as Vienna and Prague, will be the subject of our future shows, but in this edition of Slovenian Magazine, we are presenting two modern architects whose careers began with Plečnik and his projects. They have recently received the greatest Slovenian cultural award for their work – the Prešeren Foundation Award.
Portrait sculptor Miha Kač
Miha Kač is a self-taught sculptor. He is particularly interested in portrait busts and three-dimensional portraits. His favourite material is clay, which he has used to create a whole gallery of portraits of famous Slovenians.
Brina Vogelnik
Brina Vogelnik comes from a family of artists. That she grew up surrounded by art is obvious from her multi-faceted creativity, in which she combines her profession as a visual communications designer with puppet animation, movement and music, particularly folk music.
Prekmurje ham
The diversity of Slovenia is reflected in its cuisine. There are around 40 typical culinary areas with over a thousand original dishes. Traditional dishes have also been preserved in the north-easternmost part of the country, in Prekmurje. One such dish is Prekmurje ham, which has recently been protected under European Legislation, having received the designation of geographic origin.


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