SHOW 324 .. 28th July 2007

- The church of St George in Piran
- Unique bows by Aci Oblak
- The heritage of the Idrija mine
- The tradition of Kenda Manor
- Costume designer Alan Hranitelj

The church of St George in Piran
Piran is the pearl of the Slovenian cost. This old Mediterranean town is almost like a museum. With its basic medieval design still preserved, the town boasts an outstanding architectural and cultural heritage. A special place among the many churches there is dedicated to the Church of St George, the town’s patron.
The bow maker
A former national representative in archery, Aci Oblak, makes unique bows which have brought success to many excellent European archers. His traditional bows are perfect sports constructions: they are fast, strong and accurate, with a perfect design.
"Kam¹t" and "klav¾e" from Idrija
The Idrija mine used to be the second largest mercury mine in the world, and, as far as technology is concerned, one of the best equipped in Europe. It was closed after 500 years of operation, but Idrija has remained committed to the mining tradition, and its diverse cultural and technical heritage. Its outstanding monuments are klav¾e, over 200-years old dams used to retain water for the trunks floating into the riverbed, and a water wheel called kam¹t.
Kenda manor
Not far from the mine, in the town of Spodnja Idrija, which is older than Idrija, Kenda Manor is located. In its own way it represents the rich tradition of the place itself. Once it was a great farm, but now, renovated and restored in the spirit of the times long gone, it is internationally renowned. The manor house is a member of two prestigious international chains, Schlosshotels and Relais&Chateaux.
Alan Hranitelj - clothing as a work of art
Alan Hranitelj is an excellent costume designer with his own distinctive style. For two decades his creations, which often have a sculptural air about them, have been arousing awe and admiration. They are lavishly baroque, eccentric, and rich in colour and decor.

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