SHOW 446 .. 2nd March 2013


- The new Planica ski jumps
- Khislstein Castle
- The restored Ljubljana
  marshes wheel
- Sculptor Polona Demšar
- Photographer Borut Peterlin

The new Planica ski jumps
At the end of March, Planica will again host the World Cup finals. Two new ski jumps await the best ski jumpers in the world. One of them is the new big Bloudek’s ski jump. The old one, which collapsed over a decade ago, was the biggest ski jump in the world at the time of its construction in 1934. For more than 60 years, it was the venue for world records and other great achievements.
Khislstein Castle
From the 10th century onwards, hundreds of castles, manors and mansions were built in Slovenia. Sadly, many of them are now little more than ruins, but quite a few have undergone exemplary restoration and have been turned into museums and hotels. In recent years, some have been restored with partial financial aid from the European Regional Development Fund, including Kranj’s Khislstein Castle, which now houses the Museum of Gorenjska.
The Ljubljana marsh wheel
A decade ago, archaeologists uncovered an exceptional find at the Ljubljana Marshes – the world’s oldest wooden wheel with axle. The wheel, which is around 5100 years old, was in need of preservation, which was carried out in Mainz, Germany. After four years, the precious wheel has been brought back home to Slovenia.
Sculptor Polona Demšar
Sculptor and photographer Polona Demšar belongs to the young generation of Slovenian artists. Having started her career in photography, she went on to study sculpture, followed by unique glass design. She often produces her works in view of the environment and the gallery space where they are to be exhibited.
Photographer Borut Peterlin
Borut Peterlin, one of the most thriving and well-known Slovenian photographer, has been a long-time associate of Mladina weekly and regularly works for many agencies in Europe, the US and Japan.



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