SHOW 449 .. 13th April 2013

- Koper Regional Museum
- The Vršič mountain pass
- The Railway Museum in Ljubljana
- Jože Šobar, a maker
  of string instruments
- Vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile

Koper Regional Museum
Koper is the biggest town on the short, 47-km-long Slovenian coast. It is situated to the north of the Istrian peninsula, an area with a long and vibrant history. For over a hundred years, this history has been the focal point of the Koper Regional Museum, which has in this time fallen under as many as four countries.
The Vršič pass
Vršič pass is the highest Slovenian mountain road pass. Surrounded by exceptional natural beauty, the pass also hides a tragic history. In winter, it is usually closed due to snow and the danger of avalanches.
The Railway Museum in Ljubljana
The first train rolled across Slovenian lands in 1846. In those times, the railway presented an important technical achievement, which not only shortened travel times but also brought about economic development. Through history, the railway system has experienced great changes, which are now the subject of museum exhibitions and museum trains that occasionally still transport tourists.
Jože Šobar, a maker of string instruments
The town of Ribnica in the south of Slovenia is famous for its more than 500-year-long tradition of making various wooden products for domestic use. The locals used to sell their so-called suha roba, or woodenware, even abroad. Jože Šobar also works the wood, but his fingers give life to very different masterpieces.
Vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile
Perpetuum Jazzile is on the YouTube website the most watched vocal group in the world, with more than 33 million views. The group performs pop and jazz music exclusively with their magnificent voices. During their March tour around the USA, they again succeeded in enthralling audiences across the country.

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