SHOW 451 .. 25th May 2013


- Kočevje’s virgin forests
- Mt Rombon
- Sculptor Lujo Vodopivec
- Prekmurje cuisine
- Photographer Janez Medvešek

Kočevje virgin forests
Slovenia is one of the most wooded countries in Europe, with almost 60 percent of its territory covered by forests. One of the most forested areas in Slovenia is the Kočevje region in the south-east of the country, a region which is home to 6 of its 12 remaining virgin forests. Although fairly small in size, these forests have managed to retain their primeval nature.
Mt Rombon
Mt Rombon above Bovec, in the north-west of Slovenia, is both a spot offering fantastic views of the Soča Valley and a unique monument of the First World War. The route to the top leads past many remains of this senseless conflict, which left such an indelible mark on the settlements along the River Soča.
Sculptor Lujo Vodopivec
Lujo Vodopivec is one of the most outstanding sculptors in Slovenia. His vast body of artwork features unique sculptures of horses, which have indeed become his trademark. He is also known as an artist who loves to remake, recycle and re-construct his own sculptures.
Prekmurje cuisine
Prekmurje, in the north-easternmost part of Slovenia, is an area of broad cultivated lowland mixed with the soft slopes of wine-growing hills and the dreamy River Mura, which lent its name to the region itself. This is a land of tradition, something which is also evident in its cuisine. Indeed Prekmurje cuisine is quite possibly the most specific and recognisable of all regional cuisines in Slovenia.
Painter and Photographer Janez Medvešek
Slovenia’s diversity is a source of inspiration to many. One such is painter, photographer and poet Janez Medvešek, a sensitive admirer of the beauty of Slovenia’s natural and cultural heritage. He loves to offer his impressions of his travels in collages of photographs, which set off from his emails on a journey around Slovenia and the world.

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