SHOW 453 .. 22nd June 2013

- The Princes’ Mansion in Celje
- The Parenzana
- The Bled Pletna
- The Raduha House
- Golica and its daffodils

The Princes’ Mansion
Part of the Lower Castle, or Princes’ Mansion, in Celje, which once served as a residence for the Counts and later Princes of Celje, has recently been restored. This family played a prominent role in European history in the late Middle Ages, ranking among the leading aristocrats of the time. After the dying out of the Princes of Celje in the 15th century, the mansion was used as a military barracks for centuries. Today, it houses two permanent museum collections: one dedicated to the Counts of Celje and another to Celeia, the former Roman settlement.
The Parenzana
The Parenzana, which used to link the coastal towns of Trieste and Poreč between 1902 and 1935, was one of the longest narrow-gauge railway lines in Europe. It was built during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today leading through three countries, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the railway line serves as a popular scenic cycling route called “The Route of Health and Friendship”.
The Bled Pletna
Bled and its beautiful lake is famous throughout the world as the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. One of its many sights and phenomena is the pletna, a flat-bottomed wooden boat, which serves as the means of transport for tourists who wish to experience a trip on the lake. The pletna was given the shape it still has today way back in 1902.
The Raduha House
Sleeping and dreaming in the tree tops is an experience offered by a new mode of tourist accommodation designed for those looking for something a bit special, for those who yearn to be closely linked to nature. The owners of the Raduha House in Luče in the Upper Savinja Valley were far-sighted indeed when they first decided to restore an old hayrack and later thought of placing wooden dwellings in the tree tops
Fields of daffodils at the foot of Golica
Each spring, at the end of April or in May, amazing white daffodils draw crowds of admirers to the wonderful meadowland. Among the most beautiful meadows are those of Plavški Rovt, where apparently sometimes the flowers bloom thickly enough to be mistaken for a covering of snow.

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