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- Ksevt
- Podčetrtek  
- Oslarija in the Karst
- The Wine-Growing Hills of Škalce  
- The Anbot society

KSEVT - A cultural centre of European space technologies
In the fall of 2012, a cultural centre of European space technologies called KSEVT was opened in the village of Vitanje in the north-east of Slovenia. This is a visionary project of space culturalisation as, so far, space has mainly been associated with science and technology. Vitanje was the home town of the family of Herman Potočnik Noordung, a pioneer of space technologies. The futuristic architecture of the building is based on Potočnik’s plan for a geostationary space station or, more precisely, its habitable wheel.
Podčetrtek is among the most beautiful and orderly villages in Europe, something confirmed at this year’s European horticultural competition Entente Florale. Podčetrtek and its neighbouring village of Olimje, which received the award four years ago, are the only two places in Slovenia to bear this prestigious title.
Oslarija - The breeding of donkeys in Slovenia
In Slovenia, donkeys are a domestic animal species that has long been neglected by the expert public. Neither their numbers nor their breeds have been recorded. Unlike in neighbouring countries, where there are several officially recognised donkey breeds, Slovenia hasn’t got a single one. But things are looking up for the Slovenian donkey, as Stane and Mojca Sušnik have now established an institute for breeding and studying the animals. Together with the Institute for the Breeding of Ungulates, they have started recording the donkey population in Slovenia.
Škalce is the name of a region of wine-growing hills above Slovenjske Konjice, where the wine-growing tradition goes back more than 800 years. The spectacular views with kilometres of neatly cultivated vineyards leave many a visitor at a loss for words.
Piran is the most picturesque town on the Slovenian coast. Its characteristic appearance dates from the time of the rule of the Venetian Republic, which lasted for some 500 years. The rich heritage of the past is something the Society of Lovers of Cultural and Natural Heritage is striving to preserve. The society is called Anbot, which is a dialect word meaning ‘once upon a time’.



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