SHOW 503 .. 18th December 2015


- Bled Castle 
- The Plečnik house in Ljubljana
- Painter Marko Tušek 
- Origami maker
- Piran salt

Bled Castle
Lake Bled is without doubt one of our country’s main tourist destinations. The island in the middle of the lake and the castle perched atop a rocky cliff have made this Alpine jewel world-famous. Bled Castle, with its stunning views of the surrounding landscape, is also one of the oldest castles in Slovenia.
The Plečnik house
Few cities in the world have been so profoundly marked by the work of a single architect as Ljubljana. Jože Plečnik created many truly remarkable works in his native city. One of these is the house where he spent the last 36 years of his life. Plečnik’s house, which today is a museum, remains an extraordinary cultural landmark.
The Painter Marko Tušek
Marko Tušek creates fascinating three-dimensional paintings, littering his canvases with a variety of objects, including things he finds in nature. Nature is also Tušek’s greatest teacher and inspiration.
Origami maker
Origami is the ancient Japanese craft of folding paper. While a limited amount of glue may be used, no scissors are allowed. The world’s greatest origami masters tend to be people with many years of education, such as mathematicians and scientists. Several years ago, however, an extraordinary teenager named đorđe Jovanović joined their company. He is able to produce origami’s most challenging forms and has also invented a few of his own designs.  
Piran salt
The Sečovlje Salt Pans near Piran are among Slovenia’s greatest attractions. For more than 700 years, people have been harvesting salt here using a process that has remained virtually unchanged – with purely natural crystallization and manual labour alone. Piran salt, which is of exceptional quality and very rich in minerals, is today a protected product with a geographical indication. 


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