SHOW 294 .. 20th January 2006

- Mountain climber Viki Grošelj
- An exhibition of jewels
- Wooden artwork by Dejan Pfeifer
- Painter Krištof Zupet 
- Ballet dancer Anton Bogov 

Viki Grošelj, a legendary mountain climber
30 years ago, Slovenian mountain climbers first set foot above 8,000 metres and thus joined the prestigious company of the world’s top alpine climbers. Their first successful ascent was Makalu, the world’s fifth highest mountain. Among those who conquered it was Viki Grošelj, the youngest member of the expedition at the time. And it was he that led an expedition of mountain climbing veterans to the Himalayas last autumn in memory of their first such ascent. 
The magnificent world of jewels
Jewels – unique, mesmerising, sensual – simply beautiful. For centuries people have loved to adorn themselves with jewels and decorate the objects they used. 
Wooden works of art by Dejan Pfeifer
Designer Dejan Pfeifer has en exceptional feeling for wood. His products aren’t only functional, but carry an artistic value as well. They are true spatial sculptures. When he entered the world of wood, he followed in the footsteps of the old masters who used to join pieces of wood without screws or other metal bindings.
A master of portraits, Krištof Zupet
Painter Krištof Zupet is a highly sensitive and sensuous artist. As a portrait painter, he is a relentless seeker of the truth about humankind. To him, faces present a mysterious maze, and he is more interested in his models’ souls than their appearance.
An exceptional ballet dancer, Anton Bogov.
Born in Kazakhstan, Anton Bogov has been a soloist of the Maribor ballet ensemble for over a decade now, and it is also due to him that the ensemble has blossomed. Having exceptional dancing technique and artistic expression, he is a regular guest dancer of the biggest ballet stages in the world. But he likes it best in Maribor.


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