SHOW 296 .. 18th February 2006

- Mojstrana and Dovje in winter 
- Painter Milan Rot and the Cerknica Carnival 
- Founder Janez Kavar 
- Designer Mateja Benedetti 
- Photographer Tomo Brejc 

Two idyllic Alpine villages in winter
Mojstrana is a village at the gateway to the Triglav National Park. It’s a point of departure for mountain trips into both the central parts of the Julian Alps and the less demanding slopes of the Karavanke Mountains. Together with the neighbouring village of Dovje, with which it is closely connected, it prides itself upon its many and varied points of interest.
The Cerknica Carnival and the painter Milan Rot
The time of the Carnival which chases away winter and calls in the spring brings along a lot of festive events all over Slovenia. Among these there are many that have ethnographic and ethnologic value, one such being the traditional Carnival in Cerknica, a village on the verge of the word-famous intermittent Cerknica lake.
The founder Janez Kavar 
Founding is one of the oldest trades in the world. Janez Kavar has been a founder for only a few years but he’s already made significant progress in the field of foundry technique and his workshop produces not only practical objects but also objects with ornamental value.
The fashion designer and costume-maker Mateja Benedetti
Mateja Benedetti is said to cross many boundaries at her work: between individual branches of art, between the real and the fairytale, between the past, present and future, and also between the artistic and the practical.
The photographer Tomo Brejc
Tomo Brejc is a young and very promising Slovenian photographer. For a year now he’s lived and worked between Ljubljana and London, where he’s mainly involved in fashion and commercial photography for some of the most prestigious fashion magazines. He’s also exhibited his work in Austria.

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