SHOW 297 .. 3rd March 2006

- Pohorje glassworks 
- Entrepreneur Igor Akrapovič
- A bow maker
- Unique hunting weapons
- The Repnik painters 
- Bloke customs 

The heritage of the Pohorje glassworks,
The origins of glass-making date back to 3,000 BC. The remains of glass-making kilns from the Roman era can be found in Slovenia, with many finds suggesting that glass was made here already in the Early Iron Age. Glass-making flourished in the 18th century, especially on the wooded Pohorje in the north-east of Slovenia.
Entrepreneur Akrapovič
In general, Slovenia's companies do not rank as highly successful, but some have made it to the very top. Entrepreneur and innovator Igor Akrapovič is the most distinguished maker of motorcycle exhausts in the world.
Unique bows by Aci Oblak.
The unique bows made by Aci Oblak are also masterpieces which have brought success to many excellent European archers. His traditional bows are perfect sports constructions: they are fast, strong and accurate, with a perfect design.
Gun-making has a long tradition in the territory settled by the Slovenes. In the past, Borovlje, now Ferlach in Austria, was a famous gun-making centre; from there gun-making spread throughout Slovenia. Though now only a few are still engaged in this activity, Klemen Šteh is a real master of the craft.
The Repnik painters
Though self-taught, Anton Repnik is an important figure in the world of Slovenian painting. With his work he has created an ode to ordinary people; although he depicts tough life, his paintings are not pessimistic. His son has followed in his footsteps.
Bloke customs
Bloke, a plateau in the south of central Slovenia, is considered the cradle of skiing in Slovenia as well as in Central Europe. Long and sharp winters with a lot of snow forced the local people in the 17th century, probably even earlier, to invent skis, the only suitable means of transport.



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