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From the top of Slovenia’s First League to the Italian Second League
29. May 2017 ob 19:51 He was one of the best individual players in TS First League this season. In January, he transferred to Empoli, where he did not have many opportunities to prove himself.
Increased security at Green Day concert in Stožice Arena
29. May 2017 ob 19:38 Organizers of the concert by the bands Green Day and Rancid stress that that security is being "taken care of to the maximum extent." They are asking visitors to follow their instructions.
Anja Kotar: I always felt like I was running out of time
29. May 2017 ob 12:45 After last year's Ema contest, Anja Kotar returned to San Jose and dedicated herself to analysing her feelings, mostly affected by her move across the ocean, and presented them in her music.
Volleyball players secured their first appearance at World Championship
29. May 2017 ob 12:55 In September next year the Slovenian national volleyball team will appear in the World Championship for the first time ever.
The Renaissance Athlete
29. May 2017 ob 06:19 In a country where achievements in sports are a major source of pride, Olympic athletes are often among the most visible celebrities.
Laibach - Liberation Day The Slovene premiere of the music documentary Liberation Day was held at the Documentary Film Festival at Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana in March of this year.
Photo: Melania Trump enthrals with wardrobe choices on Middle Eastern and European tour American president Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have concluded their first foreign tour.
Photo: A 230-kilo chocolate roll in Ljubljana city centre on Saturday As part of the 100th anniversary of Lionism, an event called Objem (A Hug) took place on the Stritar Street in Ljubljana on Saturday, offering its visitors a 100-metre-long chocolate roll that ...
Renowned cook Bottura in Slovenia: “We need to respect food and throw away less of it” The week of undiscarded food has started on the Pogačar Square with a visit of one of the most renowned modern cooks, Massimo Bottura. One third of food produce ends up being thrown away.
Excellent quality of Slovenian sea, other waters also safe to swim in The report of the Slovenian Environment Agency regarding the quality of bathing waters in 2016 has been issued before the summer season.
In May the names Maja and Maj are given to newborns more frequently than in other months Maja in May: In Slovenia, one in six women named Maja and one in five men named Maj were born in May. Twice as many children named Maja and Maj are born in May than in other months.
Relay from Piran to Triglav Twelve athletes teamed up to performed an extreme relay race: they joined forces and carried the baton between the lowest and highest points in Slovenia.
Slovenia seeks protected status for famous potica cake Potica, a type of nut roll cake from Slovenia, gained international recognition when Pope Francis and Melania Trump talked about the baked specialty during their meeting at the Vatican.
Cerar: Slovenia to boost defence spending Prime Minster Miro Cerar and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met on the sidelines of a NATO meeting in Brussels on Friday.
A relaxed get-together of NATO’s first ladies (and gentleman); Melania meets Cerar’s partner US First Lady Melania Trump socialized with PM Cerar’s partner, Mojca Stropnik, in Brussels. Stropnik reportedly invited the famous native of Sevnica to visit Slovenia.

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The Renaissance Athlete
29. May 2017 ob 06:19 In a country where achievements in sports are a major source of pride, Olympic athletes are often among the most visible celebrities.
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