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Video: Ilka Štuhec's surprising win after Lindsey Vonn's style
Fastest in upper part, finishes with 0.22 lead, 3. December 2016 ob 07:46 Slovenian alpine skier Ilka Štuhec has written a new Slovenian ski fairytale with her incredible downhill performance in Lake Louise by claiming the first World Cup victory of her career.
Slovenia shortlisted together with U.S. and Kenya for National Geographic award
3. December 2016 ob 07:18 Slovenia has been shortlisted for the prestigious National Geographic World Legacy Awards. Chosen as its rival finalists are Kenya and the United States of America.
Growing up with a book
3. December 2016 ob 07:07 For several years, the Slovenian Book Agency has been leading a project to make young readers more aware of the best Slovenian authors, improve their access to good literature and show them how to ...
Boštjan Kline just four hundredths of a second short of a podium position
2. December 2016 ob 19:34 Boštjan Kline started alpine ski season in top form, ending up in fifth position in the super-G race in Val d’Isere.
Companies with unknown owners are a risk for society as a whole
2. December 2016 ob 19:30 The negative consequences resulting from misuse by anonymous owners are felt both by companies and individuals, warns TI Slovenia.
An Australian, who earned a Michelin star with curry - and ended up in Slovenia It was the morning after the US presidential elections and Andy Ricker was sitting in the corner of the Hiša Franko restaurant feeling despondent.
Unmasking the Secrets of Language Slovenians tend to be proud of their language, and it’s no surprise that one of Ljubljana’s most prominent streets is named after a linguist.
The Football Association of Slovenia is electing 30 delegates Wednesday was the deadline for the registration of candidates running for the presidency of the Football Association of Slovenia (NZS).
Good Night, My Love: The life of Simona Weiss on the big screen "She was a celebrity by profession, but she wasn’t a celebrity in her soul." Those words, by Simona Weiss’ life partner Goran Šarac, open the documentary about the singer.
Number of HIV infections is increasing, yet so is careless behaviour HIV infection stopped being a death sentence, and because of that more and more people give up prevention, and indulge in risk sexual behaviour. Consequently, the number of infections keeps growing.
A Wintertime Feast The wintertime pig slaughter known as "koline" is an important tradition across Slovenia.
Ski resorts expect one of the best seasons in the last decade Despite the fact that it’s still autumn Slovenia’s largest ski resorts will welcome their fist skiers this weekend.
Is State Attorney's Office working well? Compensations for excessively long proceedings. The State Attorney's Office is the only judicial authority not yet subjected to a thorough reform since Slovenia gained independence.
On the Battlefields of Spain When the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, the conflict captured the attention of the world and inspired such legendary works as Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls and Picasso’s Guernica.
SMC would reintroduce January 2 as work-free day The SMC Party parliamentary group will file a proposal to change the law and reintroduce January 2 as a work-free day. Obviously, the proposal has enough supporters.

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Unmasking the Secrets of Language
2. December 2016 ob 08:12 Slovenians tend to be proud of their language, and it’s no surprise that one of Ljubljana’s most prominent streets is named after a linguist.
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