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Charges filed against two doctors at neurology clinic. One reportedly switched off patient and let him suffocate.
"Patient died because of the actions of employees", 30. May 2016 ob 19:23 Charges have been filed against two female doctors at Ljubljana's Department of Neurology suspected of negligence, informs the Ljubljana Police Directorate.
The result of the police strike: State to cover education costs and higher salaries
30. May 2016 ob 19:14 The government-police strike agreement, which still waits to be confirmed by the government and unions, brings higher salaries to all police officers.
"Legalized theft" approved by social partners
30. May 2016 ob 12:40 Another class-action lawsuit against Slovenia at the European Court of Human Rights is pending, following the cases of the erased, and Croatian and Bosnian Ljubljanska banka savers; this time ...
103 competitors above and below ground, through Trbovlje mine shafts
30. May 2016 ob 12:37 The first Miners' Marathon has been organized in Zasavje. The course leads partly above ground and partly below ground, through the mine shafts.
A Slovenian naval lieutenant gave up his own life for a greater cause
30. May 2016 ob 06:17 When the Costa Concordia ran aground in January 2012, its captain, Frencesco Schettino, became a household name.
“We could sell out all Slovenian cherries in two or three days, yet they can be bought throughout spring” The Slovenian administration for food safety has been thoroughly investigating the numerous sellers of cherries from the region of Goriška Brda, as the quantity of cherries on the market is much ...
World-famous model Petra Nemcova enthusiastic about Ljubljana One of the most famous models of the world Petra Nemcova from the Czech Republic, who has travelled all over the world, visited Ljubljano for the first time.
What’s happening with Teš? Block 4 out of operation due to alleged intentional malfunction. While the investigators of the Celje police are still searching for the perpetrator who caused Block 6 of the Šoštanj power plant to remain out of operation for several hours due to intentional ...
Seven years of Olimpija's failures are a desperate call for changes Basketball players of Union Olimpija from Ljubljana have yet again failed to qualify for the finals of the national championship. Their last championship title is now seven years old.
Organic Farming spreads in Slovenia Different types of landscapes, a large number of mountain farms and many fertile areas provide excellent opportunities for the development of organic farming in Slovenia.
“We’re not turning a blind eye to the problems plaguing Slovenia’s foster care system” According to the Slovenian Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Ministry, 979 children were in foster care at the end of April.
Slovenia seeks to secure release of human rights activist Tomo Križnar The Slovenian foreign ministry has said that it is trying to secure the release of human rights activist Tomo Križnar, who is currently being held in a prison in South Sudan.
An Inn Looking for a Chef … Lately two problems might be discussed under that title, the first being the fact that the best Slovenian restaurants are having a hard time in finding personnel, and the second that some of the ...
The Legacy of Vanished Monks Hidden among the bucolic countryside of the Štajerska (Slovenian Styria) is a unique monastery: The Žiče Charterhouse.
Tale of quack surgeries – why supervision failed A grisly tale of quack surgeries of varicose veins performed by the private surgeon Janez Zimmerman, who operated also in hotel rooms and beauty parlours, caused an outrage, but also posed a number ...

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A Slovenian naval lieutenant gave up his own life for a greater cause
30. May 2016 ob 06:17 When the Costa Concordia ran aground in January 2012, its captain, Frencesco Schettino, became a household name.
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