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Photo: Lea Sirk filmed a Eurovision postcard in the Azores
The Slovenian representative at Eurovision continues preparations, 24. March 2018 ob 07:40 Lea Sirk, the Slovenian representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, spent last weekend on Faial Island, where she filmed a so-called “postcard” that the Eurovision audience will be able ...
Pleasant aromas return to Pogačar Square with the Open Kitchen
24. March 2018 ob 07:44 After winter hibernation, the Open Kitchen, a popular culinary market in Ljubljana, re-opened for the sixth season of successful operation this Friday at 10 am.
National Assembly holds last plenary session before parliamentary election
23. March 2018 ob 23:06 The National Assembly on Friday convened for its last plenary session before the snap parliamentary election tentatively slated for May 27. There will be no plenary session in April, and all ...
15 years since Slovenia voted to join the EU and NATO
23. March 2018 ob 23:09 "Do you agree that Slovenia should become a member of the European Union?" and "Do you agree that Slovenia should become a member of the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization?"
EkstraVisor: The debts of criminal groups unofficially covered by Slovenian taxpayers
23. March 2018 ob 10:32 Even four years after the second restructuring of the banks, it is still no clear what we, as citizens, paid for as part of the five billion-euro bank restructuring process.
Celebrating the Slovenian Language on the Stage For generations, the port city of Trieste, even though it had always had an Italian majority, was also the home of a vibrant Slovenian community. Efforts to wipe out Slovenian culture in the 20th
Video: Schlierenzauer skids at 253.5 meters; ten Slovenians qualify for the main competition The ski jump at Planica was the site of an exciting qualification round in ideal weather conditions – but not for all competitors.
Photo: Slovenian soccer players have new kits The Slovenian national soccer team will open a new chapter in its history when it faces Austria on Friday; it will be led by Tomaž Kavčič for the first time.
Slovenia's film industry almost completely in men's hands Male directors are behind 90 percent of the Slovenian films made between 1995 and 2017. Men also wrote 78 percent of the screenplays in that period and were film producers in 80 percent of the films.
The Slovenian Artist Who Captured the New World Before the advent of the jet age, the United States and Europe sometimes seemed to be on different planets.
EU funds for the Second Track project partially frozen ahead of the referendum The European Commission has confirmed the completion of a process that will make 44 million euros in funds available for the preparation phase of the Second Track project.
Restorers presented three baroque works in St. Nicholas Cathedral The Cathedral of St. Nicholas at Kapitelj in Novo Mesto now has three more restored baroque paintings on canvas. New insights about these works of art were discovered during their restoration.
Salaries rise as they return to the level before the crisis, not due to a pay increase The government and unions have cancelled the extension of lower salary regulations and other austerity measures for the year 2016, when employees got more money in their pockets for the first time.
A Passport to a Unique Region Bela Krajina, a Slovenian region near the border with Croatia, is known for its vineyards and birch trees and often feels like a world apart from the rest of Slovenia.
The days of trans fats are counted In less than a month new regulation will come into force with which Slovenia, just like seven other European countries, will limit the content of trans-fatty acids in food.

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Celebrating the Slovenian Language on the Stage
23. March 2018 ob 07:37 For generations, the port city of Trieste, even though it had always had an Italian majority, was also the home of a vibrant Slovenian community. Efforts to wipe out Slovenian culture in the 20th
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