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Path leading to Ljubljana Castle closed for a month
The structure is worn out, 27. June 2016 ob 12:51 From today the Ovinki path to the Ljubljana Castle is closed for repair, MOL informed us, and it will remain closed for one month.
Dragonja considering resignation
27. June 2016 ob 12:59 The discord between the port and the state regarding the changes within the supervisory board at the Port of Koper, and reproaches of market manipulation by submitting obsolete data on the company's ...
The Lettuce Growers of Slovenia’s Capital
27. June 2016 ob 06:08 Krakovo and Trnovo are both neighborhoods near the heart of Ljubljana, but for the most part, they still resemble small villages.
Cerar on Independence Day: “We should allow ourselves to be bold in new changes”
26. June 2016 ob 09:20 In line with the plebiscite vote for Slovenia’s independence, on 25 June 1991 the General Assembly passed the Constitutional Act implementing the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and ...
Artist Vladimir Makuc dies at 91
26. June 2016 ob 09:24 Vladimir Makuc, one of the key Slovenian fine artists, with a distinctly personalised poetic style, and one of the most important interpreters of the Karst region, has passed away on Saturday aged 91.
Lace from all parts of the world in the centre of Ljubljana Almost a thousand lace makers occupied the streets of Ljubljana. They came to our capital from all around the world to show their way of making bobbin and needle lace.
25th Anniversary of Slovenia's Independence For Slovenia and Slovenians, the year 1991 was a turning point. In that year, Slovenia was placed on the global political map as a sovereign and independent state.
Photo: Young chimpanzee family with baby Leona finally on view at Ljubljana Zoo The hairy parents – attentive mother Neža and loving father Boris – are proudly showing off their offspring. Baby Leona has now grown enough to be put on view to the visitors of the Ljubljana Zoo.
Velenje – elements of landscape architecture from original vision of park town More than six decades ago, Velenje, the capital of the Šaleška Valley, had started creating a different, modern image, a unique modernist design, and managed to build it almost overnight.
Pahor: Survival of EU of vital importance for us The President of the Government Miro Cerar respects, but also regrets the decision of the British voters. He believes that the EU will and must continue to exist even without Great Britain.
Brglez: UK set off on a difficult and thorny path The president of the National Assembly believes that the result of the UK referendum should add impetus to all the member states and encourage them to try to make the European Union even better.
26th Kresnik Prize to Miha Mazzini The Kresnik Prize for the last year's best novel was yesterday evening awarded to Miha Mazzini for his novel Childhood, an »autobiographic novel from made-up stories«, through which the hero faces ...
An Architect Who Blazed his own Trail Despite its size, Slovenia has a rich architectural tradition. Some of the country’s architects, such as Jože Plečnik, have an international reputation.
Photo: The Largest “Living” Slovenian Flag Schoolchildren from the Kanal Elementary School, along with children from the local daycare, have marked the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence in an original way.
The Brexit impact on British citizens living in Slovenia Slovenia is among the least interesting EU countries for British citizens. There are less British citizens residing only in Luxembourg and Malta.

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The Lettuce Growers of Slovenia’s Capital
27. June 2016 ob 06:08 Krakovo and Trnovo are both neighborhoods near the heart of Ljubljana, but for the most part, they still resemble small villages.
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