Slovenia Revealed
The Power of Reading
Slovenia Revealed, 23. June 2017 ob 06:27 After centuries under Hapsburg rule, the Slovenian people experienced a period of national reawakening in the 19th century.
The Legacy of an Industrialist
22. June 2017 ob 06:35 Žiga (or Sigmund) Zois was a Slovenian industrialist; among others things, he operated several ironworks. But he was much more than that.
The Destruction and the Revival of an Island Castle
21. June 2017 ob 06:51 These days, the Otočec Castle is best known as a luxury hotel with a spectacular location on an island in the middle of the Krka River.
The Capital’s Famous Dragon
20. June 2017 ob 06:30 Few visitors to Ljubljana fail to notice the symbol of Slovenia’s capital.
A Passion for Two Sports
19. June 2017 ob 06:08 Many older residents of the Slovenian capital fondly remember an inn owned by the Kačič family.
The Life and Times of a Beloved Mountain These days, Uršlja Gora is perhaps best known as the site of a major TV transmitter, but this mountain in northern Slovenia has a surprisingly interesting history and a rich variety of plant and ...
Art in Stone The coastal resort of Portorož is best known for its large hotels and beaches, but on the outskirts of the town, a small peninsula provides a far more intimate setting: It is covered with trees, ...
Mysterious Creatures from Slovenia’s Coalmines In recent years, many Slovenian coal mines have been forced to shut down or reduce their operations, but the coalmining tradition that has shaped many parts of Slovenia for centuries lives on, and ...
A Pilgrimage of Three Nations What may at first glance appear to be just another mountaintop in the Italian part of the Julian Alps, not far from the border with Slovenia, happens to be one of the most important pilgrimage ...
The Trans-Atlantic Journey of a Rebellious Priest As a young man, Jurij Trunk chose to devote his life to the priesthood. Although he remained committed to God for the rest of his life, his curiosity took him across the globe.
A Little-Known Park in the Heart of Slovenia Slovenia’s Notranjska (Inner Carniola) region is best known as the region between the country’s interior and the sun-drenched Adriatic coast.
A Master of Musical Sound Violinmaking has long been the profession of a very select group of craftspeople.
The Slovenian Artist Who Captured the New World Before the advent of the jet age, the United States and Europe sometimes seemed to be on different planets.
The Legacy of a Master Pharmacist Bohuslav Lavička was a talented Czech pharmacist who built his career in Slovenia. Over the years, he established a remarkable pharmaceutical collection.
A Museum of a Vanished Industry Even though the town of Šoštanj is best known these days for its power plant, it has a history of leathermaking that dates back to the 18th century.