Slovenia Revealed
An Artist of the Resistance
Slovenia Revealed, 19. March 2018 ob 06:51 Few artists in Slovenia are as well known as France Slana. He became a household name with his pleasing oils and watercolors of Slovenian landscapes.
The Story of Twin Towns Reunited
16. March 2018 ob 06:37 Most travelers know Gornja Radgona as a small town where the Slovenske Gorice hill country gives way to the vastness of the Pannonian Plain, but the peaceful countryside belies the often-turbulent ...
The Power of Reading
15. March 2018 ob 06:54 After centuries under Hapsburg rule, the Slovenian people experienced a period of national reawakening in the 19th century.
A Design for Medicine – and Humanity
14. March 2018 ob 07:41 When Ljubljana’s Medical Center was constructed in the 1970s, it was one of the most modern medical facilities in its part of Europe.
The golden eagle still soars above Slovenia
13. March 2018 ob 06:39 On clear days, visitors to Slovenia’s mountains can observe a magnificent bird soaring high in the afternoon updrafts above remote mountain valleys.
A Helping Hand in the New World A century ago, thousands of Slovenians opted to escape rural poverty and seek a better life in the United States.
A Church of Hope These days, the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows in the small Gorenjska village of Podbrezje is best known to drivers on the A2 highway; many admire its graceful tower and the Julian ...
The Renaissance Athlete In a country where achievements in sports are a major source of pride, Olympic athletes are often among the most visible celebrities.
A Castle and its Centuries of Turmoil Named after a local crop, the Hmeljnik Castle was once a vital link in Slovenia’s defense against the Ottoman Turks.
Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Skies Between the two world wars, flying was an adventure, a relatively dangerous profession of those who dared to brave the skies.
A Castle in War and Peace These days, Brežice is a small provincial town in eastern Slovenia, but it had long served as an important crossroads in European history.
A Lodge Fit for Royalty For most visitors to Slovenia, the Kamniška Bistrica Valley is best known as the starting point for visits to the pastures of Velika Planina.
The Rise and Fall of a Railroad Only an occasional bridge and several old buildings serve as a reminder of a railroad that once made its way through the Upper Sava Valley.
Slovenia’s Ancient Wedding Dancers The Ptuj Field, surrounding Slovenia’s oldest town, is a part of Slovenia particularly rich in folklore and pre-Christian traditions.
The Hidden Beauty of an Overlooked Mountain Range The Karavanke Mountains, which straddle Slovenia’s border with Austria, aren’t as well-known as the Julian Alps, but this Alpine range is in many ways just as interesting.

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