Slovenia Revealed
The Legacy of an Exiled People
Slovenia Revealed, 15. December 2017 ob 06:41 Slovenia’s Kočevje region was once home of a thriving German community. During World War II, its residents were expelled by the Nazis and then prohibited by the Communists from returning.
The Loss of a Historic Building
14. December 2017 ob 06:08 For generations, a building known as Kolizej dominated a large part of central Ljubljana.
The Actress Who Brought the World Stage to Provincial Ljubljana
13. December 2017 ob 06:14 At a time when Slovenian theater was in its infancy, a woman named Marija Vera redefined the profession and won acclaim throughout Central Europe.
A School that Keeps Slovenian Culture Alive
12. December 2017 ob 15:18 Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost province, is the home to a sizeable Slovenian community.
Glamor by Design
11. December 2017 ob 06:31 In recent years, several Slovenian designers have achieved international prominence, but the Naglas family blazed the trail; it became famous for its furniture design more than a century ago.
A Celebration of Winter Madness Every winter, a ski slope above the Slovenian town of Jesenice hosts a ski race unlike any other.
The Tragic Life of a Master Painter Despite a difficult childhood, Ivan Grohar became one of the most accomplished Slovenian artists - yet he died in great poverty and without the recognition that his art deserved.
A Villa among the Vineyards The Brda region, known for its orchards and its vineyard-covered hills, has recently emerged as one of Slovenia’s leading tourist attractions.
A Storied Building by the Park Ljubljana's Kazina (Casino) building is a neoclassical structure that overlooks the city's peaceful Zvezda Park. Its history, however, has been anything but peaceful.
An Overlooked Artist Helena Vurnik, an exceptionally talented designer, was long overshadowed by her husband. But decades after her death, she is finally becoming recognized as an exceptional artist in her own right.
The Heroes' Last Stand World War II brought extreme suffering to the people of Slovenia – but also acts of great heroism.
A Prehistoric Treasure Trove In the 1920s, a medical student named Josef Gross was exploring a cave system in northern Slovenia when he made a surprising discovery.
An Actor’s Journey from Ljubljana to Hollywood He may not be a household name, but Željko Ivanek has appeared in dozens of television and movie roles – and even won an Emmy for his work.
Marathon Man Dušan Mravlje was a successful engineer in a factory making industrial seals, but he decided to quit his career to pursue his greatest passion – and became one of the best long-distance runners the ...
A Tower with a Dark History The ruined Soteska Castle in the Krka River Valley has a long and colorful history, but it’s the mysterious structure nearby that still captures the imagination of both locals and passers-by.