Slovenia Revealed
A Slovenian in Paris
Slovenia Revealed, 17. February 2017 ob 06:16 The City of Light has long attracted some of the world’s most creative talent.
Slovenia’s Very Own Canyon
16. February 2017 ob 06:19 Northwestern Slovenia is renowned for its exceptional landscapes, but even there, the Tolmin Gorges stand out with their primeval beauty.
The Guardians of the Mountains
15. February 2017 ob 06:22 Named after the Slovenian word for rock, the Skala Mountaineering Club came to symbolize the Slovenian people’s love affair with the mountains.
A Craft that Shaped a Region
14. February 2017 ob 06:33 In a nation defined by its mountains, the region of Prekmurje is known instead for its lowlands and gently rolling hills.
The Sounds of the Mediterranean
13. February 2017 ob 06:39 After years of Fascist rule, the region of Primorska rejoined Slovenia in the wake of World War II.
The Photographer Who Captured War and Peace Much of the 20th century was a turbulent time for the Slovenian people. They endured invasions from neighboring countries, several border changes, a succession of regimes, and frequent protests.
A Creative Life on Stage Considering its size, Slovenia has an exceptionally vibrant theater tradition.
A Century of Drama In a city proverbially proud of its culture, Ljubljana’s Drama building stands apart.
A Movement That United the Slavs It was a common site in Slovenia between the two world wars: Large groups of young men and women taking parts in mass exercises in towns across the country.
Where Cowbells Ring With its glacial lake and romantic villages, the Bohinj Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia.
The Struggle and Survival of Hungary’s Slovenian Community After the map of Europe was redrawn in the 20th century, the Slovenians of the Raba River, known in Slovenian as Porabski Slovenci , became permanently separated from their homeland.
How a tree became a Slovenian symbol In the late 1980s, the Slovenian Spring was in full bloom. It was a time of a renewed national consciousness and ever-louder calls for human rights.
The Unconventional Life of a Woman Artist Karla Bulovec Mrak was an artist who was determined to go her own way.
A Vanished Alphabet Visitors who come to admire the Church of the Holy Trinity in the southwestern Slovenian village of Hrastovlje tend to focus on the magnificent Dance of the Dead fresco, which shows people from all ...
The Bishops’ Castle The ancient Slovenian town of Škofja Loka is renowned for its graceful beauty. Even its location, nestled beneath verdant hills, gives it a timeless feel.

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