Slovenia Revealed
Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Skies
Slovenia Revealed, 27. March 2017 ob 06:48 Between the two world wars, flying was an adventure, a relatively dangerous profession of those who dared to brave the skies.
A Hidden Cave Under the Alps
24. March 2017 ob 06:42 Babji Zob, a tooth-like crag on a cliff not far from the resort town of Bled, was created when a witch fell down the cliff and cast a spell on the mountain – at least that’s how a local legend ...
A Café at the Heart of Slovenia’s Second City
23. March 2017 ob 06:29 Café Astoria (Kavarna Astoria) in the heart of Maribor is not just a popular meeting place; it has played an important role in the history of Slovenia’s second city and has come to symbolize the ...
The Rise and Fall of a Venetian Palace
22. March 2017 ob 06:17 Once best known for being a major port, the Slovenian town of Koper has recently emerged as a tourist destination.
A Slovenian Bishop Who Helped to Create Vienna Boys’ Choir
21. March 2017 ob 06:48 During centuries of Hapsburg rule, Slovenians from the upper classes often looked toward Vienna, the Imperial capital, for their higher education and cultural enrichment.
An Olympian’s Passion for Color To Slovenian art connoisseurs, Milena Usenik is best known for her colorful and playful paintings.
A Pilgrimage Under the Alps The Basilica of the Virgin just outside the village of Brezje may not look much different from any large baroque-style church in Slovenia, but a series of miraculous healings have made it one of the ...
An Authentic Breed of the Slovenian Alps Long before Bohinj became famous as a tourist destination, the area was known for its tradition of dairy farming.
Harmony of Man and Nature The landscape of Slovenia’s Prekmurje region, the land across the Mura River, is best known for its Pannonian plains.
A Precious Wintertime Treat Slovenia’s Primorska (Littoral) region is known for its warm climate and fertile soil, both of which ensure a bountiful supply of high-quality fruits and vegetables.
For the love of the game Even though soccer is the most popular sport in most of Europe, it wasn’t always Slovenia’s favorite pastime.
A Prehistoric Treasure Trove In the 1920s, a medical student named Josef Gross was exploring a cave system in northern Slovenia when he made a surprising discovery.
A Life Dedicated to the Slovenian Language During the course of the 20th century, interest in the Slovenian language grew markedly among scholars in the United States.
A Daughter of the Rising Sun In the 1920s and 30s, an era before instantaneous global communication and jet travel, the people of Ljubljana were frequently startled by the sight of a Japanese woman walking around the capital in ...
A Pharma Giant with Humble Origins Novo Mesto, the capital of the Dolenjska region, managed to weather the recent financial crisis better than most places in Slovenia.