Slovenia Revealed
A Resistance Base Deep in the Forest
Slovenia Revealed, 16. January 2017 ob 06:18 Hidden in a vast primeval forest in southern Slovenia lies a mysterious-looking complex of shacks.
Where Slovenian Opera Lives
13. January 2017 ob 06:17 Ljubljana’s Opera Building stands apart not just because of its interesting architecture but also because of its status in the heart of Slovenian cultural life.
A Slovenian Island in Bosnia
12. January 2017 ob 06:22 Throughout modern history, Slovenians who had struggled to make a living in their own land hadmoved abroad in search of better lives.
A Passion for Slovenian Culture
11. January 2017 ob 06:31 Most of the historic province of Carinthia is now a part of Austria, but for centuries, it was at the heart of Slovenian cultural life.
A Legendary Slovenian Dynasty
10. January 2017 ob 06:27 Slovenian history is rich with remarkable individuals, many of whom made lasting contributions in the fields of medicine, music, and politics.
An Uprising Under the Alps These days, Tolmin is a quiet, almost sleepy town in the foothills of Slovenia’s Julian Alps. In the early 18th
The Dawn of Slovenian Medicine The year 1784 was an important milestone for the people of Ljubljana. That’s when the first hospital in the capital – and in the Slovenian heartland of Carniola – opened its doors.
An artist named Miki became Slovenia’s Disney Miklavž “Miki” Muster, born in 1925, became one of Slovenia’s most beloved cartoonists and animators. It all began when he first saw the animated classic Snow White.
The Play That Was Banned for Decades The 19th century was a period of national reawakening in the Slovenian Lands.
A Centuries-Old Sound of Bells Churches are among the most common sights in Slovenia; they add a picturesque note to towns, the tops of remote hills, and everywhere in between.
A Small Town and its Trade For centuries, the town of Žiri in western Slovenia traded with the outside world; it was particularly well-known for its lace. But in the 19th
Capturing the Mountains on Film For the Slovenian people, mountains have long been a source of pride and national identity.
In 1821, Ljubljana became the center of the world In the early 19th century, Ljubljana was a small Hapsburg town of around 20,000 people.
From Darkness into Light One April evening in 1883 was unlike any prior evening in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city.
A Slovenian Olympic athlete fell almost 100 meters down an Alpine cliff – and survived unscathed Tone Pogačnik from the town of Jesenice, a border town with Austria, was a talented cross-country skier who won ninth place as a member of Yugoslavia’s national ski relay team at the 1948 St.