Slovenia Revealed
A Castle Above the First Lady’s Hometown
Slovenia Revealed, 18. October 2017 ob 07:24 For years, the sleepy town of Sevnica was best known for being an industrial center on the Sava River. Recently, it has become famous for being the home of U.S. First Lady Melania Trump.
From Darkness into Light
17. October 2017 ob 06:17 One April evening in 1883 was unlike any prior evening in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city.
An Animal at Home in the Mountains
16. October 2017 ob 06:19 Drežnica, a village near Kobarid in northwestern Slovenia, is best known to travelers for its spectacular natural setting and its easy access to the surrounding mountains.
Art Creations in Iron
13. October 2017 ob 06:44 Ravne, and industrial town in Koroška (Slovenian Carinthia), is best known for its iron works, which has employed thousands of locals for generations.
A Rocky Refuge
12. October 2017 ob 06:16 It is one of the most striking buildings in Slovenia: The Predjama Castle, not far from the town of Postojna, perched on a cliff and concealing a secret entrance leading to a cave.
A Slovenian Chess Master Who Battled the Greats In the decades after World War II, major chess matches often reflected the tension of the Cold War, as they pitted players from the Soviet Union against their Western counterparts – and brought fame ...
The Rise and Fall of a Venetian Palace Once best known for being a major port, the Slovenian town of Koper has recently emerged as a tourist destination.
A Home of the Slovenian National Awakening In the 19th century, Slovenian culture began emerging from centuries of German domination.
A Remote Field Teeming with Life The Slovenian-language term “polje” – which refers to a distinctive field typical of the porous, limestone-rich karstic landscapes – has been adopted by English speaking experts from around the world.
A Prophet of the Great War The Soča, which springs to the surface as a turquoise stream in the mountains of northwestern Slovenia, is often called one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers.
A Man of Many Passions Even though he didn’t live during the Renaissance, Valentin Stanič was a true Renaissance Man.
An Olympian’s Passion for Color To Slovenian art connoisseurs, Milena Usenik is best known for her colorful and playful paintings.
The Temple of a Vanished Community For generations, the eastern Slovenian province of Prekmurje had a sizeable Jewish presence.
Piran’s Heavenly Jewel For centuries, the Slovenian coastal town of Piran was under Venetian rule.
The Music of a Mining Town For centuries, the town of Idrija in western Slovenia was famous for its mercury mine.