Slovenia Revealed
A kiosk that became a design classic
Slovenia Revealed, 22. August 2017 ob 07:37 For years, it was a common sight throughout the former Yugoslavia – and as far away as New Zealand. Saša Mächtig’s K-67 kiosk could be seen on street corners of almost every town.
The Legacy of a Slovenian Linguist
21. August 2017 ob 09:45 The Slovenian people tend to be proud of their language, which has, for centuries, been the cornerstone of their national identity.
The Destruction of a Historical Jewel
18. August 2017 ob 08:15 The Konzorcij building lies in the heart of the Slovenian capital.
A Landscape of Stone, Water, and Ice
17. August 2017 ob 09:23 The Karst Plateau separates Slovenia’s Adriatic coast from the mountains in the country’s interior.
Slovenia’s Tobacco Giant
16. August 2017 ob 07:52 Ljubljana has long served as the cultural capital of the Slovenian people, but the city has also had an important industrial sector.
Serving the Spirit for Centuries In the mid-19th century, a researcher browsing through old books in a Ljubljana library made a startling discovery.
Slovenia’s seaside wilderness Just a few miles from Slovenia’s well-known coastal resorts lies a wild and largely unexplored natural landscape.
Sun, Wind, and Cheese Slovenia’s Karst Plateau is one of the most unique areas in Slovenia.
Where Slovenian Opera Lives Ljubljana’s Opera Building stands apart not just because of its interesting architecture but also because of its status in the heart of Slovenian cultural life.
Capturing the World Through a Lens A Slovenian man turned his love for adventures and his passion for the natural world into a career as a world-renowned photographer.
A Legendary Slovenian Dynasty Slovenian history is rich with remarkable individuals, many of whom made lasting contributions in the fields of medicine, music, and politics.
Ancient Ruins on a Mountainside Reaching an altitude of 1064 meters, Ajdna is not one of Slovenia’s tallest peaks.
The Slovenian language has dozens of dialects Even though the Slovenian language is one of the smallest Slavic languages, it’s one of the most diverse in terms of dialects.
Slovenia’s Nightingale Nursing has a proud tradition in Slovenia, and these days, Slovenian nurses are in high demand in several European countries.
A Unique Vision of Design The graceful designs can be seen across Slovenia: horses, glasses, cups, and various other objects, both decorative and useful.