Slovenia Revealed
A Valley of Magic
Slovenia revealed, 25. May 2017 ob 06:54 The northern half of Slovenia contains several glacial valleys, but one of the most beautiful also happens to be among the least visited.
The Voice of Slovenian Pride
24. May 2017 ob 06:38 Even though he lived in the 19th century, Janez Bleiweis was a true Renaissance Man. Highly educated, he left a lasting mark as a physician, journalist, and a politician.
The Hidden Beauty of an Overlooked Mountain Range
23. May 2017 ob 07:07 The Karavanke Mountains, which straddle Slovenia’s border with Austria, aren’t as well-known as the Julian Alps, but this Alpine range is in many ways just as interesting.
On the Trail of Cheese
22. May 2017 ob 00:16 In the popular imagination, a stereotypically Slovenian landscape tends to consist of idyllic mountain scenes with cows and flower-filled pastures.
The Changing Face of a Legendary Waterfall
19. May 2017 ob 06:17 The Vrata Valley extends from the village of Mojstrana all the way to the north face of Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain.
Where Old Ways Live On Tucked into a remote corner of Slovenia’s Kamnik Savinja Alps is a valley known as Robanov Kot.
A Post-Industrial Natural Paradise Not far from the eastern Slovenian town of Ormož lies a natural wonderland of ponds, marshes, birds and – surprisingly - water buffalo.
A Village and its Historic Cherries In recent years, cherries have brought thousands of visitors to the Goriška Brda region in western Slovenia, but the small village of Brusnice is just as proud of its long tradition of growing ...
Mysterious Figures in the Heart of Ljubljana Many visitors to Ljubljana are transfixed by a series of sculptures on the city’s Butchers’ Bridge.
The Surprising Discovery of a Baroque Manuscript Slovenia prides itself on its literary tradition.
The Loss of a Historic Building For generations, a building known as Kolizej dominated a large part of central Ljubljana.
The Work That Inspired a Nation Adopted in the years leading up to Slovenia’s independence, Zdravljica ("The Toast") was quickly embraced by the Slovenian people as their national anthem.
The Roman History of a Medieval Town In recent years, Ptuj has emerged as a popular tourist destination in eastern Slovenia.
The Tragic Life of a Master Painter Despite a difficult childhood, Ivan Grohar became one of the most accomplished Slovenian artists - yet he died in great poverty and without the recognition that his art deserved.
Ancient Stories from a Remote Valley The remote valley of Rezija, a Slovenian-speaking area of northeastern Italy, is mysterious even to most Slovenians.