Slovenia Revealed
The Story of the Sea
Slovenia Revealed, 18. July 2018 ob 07:29 Slovenia may be best known for its mountains, but its people also have a long tradition of living on and with the sea.
A Landscape of Stone, Water, and Ice
17. July 2018 ob 05:40 The Karst Plateau separates Slovenia’s Adriatic coast from the mountains in the country’s interior.
An Inn Beneath a Mountain Pass
16. July 2018 ob 06:30 Even in a country known for its scenery, the mountain village of Jezersko stands apart with its views of the surrounding peaks.
A Mysterious World of Water and Life
13. July 2018 ob 06:35 At one time, much of the present-day Ljubljana Marshes, which lie just south of the Slovenian capital, consisted of peat bogs.
A Journey Through Mysterious Landscapes
12. July 2018 ob 07:40 The village of Lipica is the home of the famed Lipizzaner horses made famous by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.
Bridging the Centuries These days, the Slovenian town of Zidani Most is best known as a railroad junction.
The Sad Fate of a Brave Slovenian Ciril Kotnik was a Slovenian diplomat who helped Jews and anti-fascists to escape during the darkest days of World War II.
A Beekeeper with a Big Impact Slovenia is often described as a land of bees, and several beekeepers have become famous beyond the country’s border, but few have enjoyed the international fame of Mihael Ambrožič from the small ...
The Artist Who Shaped Modern Ballet Slovenia has a long tradition of dance, but it has not always been hospitable to avant-garde forms of the art.
A Composer Inspired by Tradition Growing up as a member of the Slovenian minority in the Austrian province of Carinthia, Pavle Kernjak fell in love with old Slovenian folk songs.
The Music of a Mining Town For centuries, the town of Idrija in western Slovenia was famous for its mercury mine.
Slovenia’s Disappearing String of Pearls Even within Slovenia, few people are aware of a string of small lakes near the town of Pivka, in the southwestern part of the country.
The Literary Legacy of an Ordinary Woman Marija Mijot was born into a poor family and made her living doing various menial jobs.
A Magnificent Mile-Long Canyon One of Slovenia’s most popular tourist destinations, the Vintgar Gorge near Bled, wasn’t discovered until the late 19th
A Virtual Tour of a Vanished Era For years, mining has provided a livelihood for the people of the coal-rich region of central Slovenia.

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