Slovenian Magazine is a mosaic, a 25-minute show in English and German.
It presents current events in Slovenia, its cultural and historical heritage, attractive features of the landscape, and the country’s economic and tourist potential.
It places great stress on original Slovenian creativity.
Slovenian Magazine is mainly intended for foreign countries, as well as for Slovenians living around the world.

Slovenian Magazine is a fortnightly show
broadcast on TV Slovenija 1,
every other Monday at 17.30 and Sunday at 23.50.    

German and English language versions alternate in the broadcasting schedule, both with Slovenian subtitles.
European viewers can also watch the show over a satellite that carries the TV Slovenija signal.
RTV Slovenija is available on the Satellite: Eutelsat 16A 16 degrees East,10721 MHz, coding system (FEC): 3/4

The English version is on Channel 25 WNYE in New York every other Sunday at 2.00 p.m.
The show is regularly broadcast by the educational programme SCOLA in the USA and the European satellite EbS.
Slovenian Magazine is also part of the multicultural programme in Sydney, Melbourne and Buenos Aires
The show is also broadcast in Italian by Koper Capodistria, while individual topics appear on Euronews as well.

The German version is on 3 SAT every other Monday.



:: show 488 .. 6th April 2015 ::


- The Karst Museum in Postojna
- Kuzma turntables
- Illustrator Maja Kastelic
- Puppeteer Matija Solce
- Ceramicist Dubravka Šorel 

The Karst Museum
As Slovenia is the cradle of karstology, it is no wonder that it’s got the Karst Museum – most likely the first of its kind in Europe and the world. The museum is situated in Postojna, a town famous for the Karst cave with the same name. Postojna has been taking on the central role in the scientific study of the Karst, as it is here that we can find the Karst Research Institute, which is also the seat of the International Union of Speleology and, as of last year, the UNESCO Chair on Karst Education.
Kuzma turntables
Franc Kuzma is the producer of state-of-the-art turntables and tonearms which are a dream come true for any audiophile. His products are acknowledged as the Rolls-Royce of turntables. Although the turntable and the vinyl record have long been considered a thing of the past, true audiophiles still believe them to be the best source of outstanding sound.
Illustrator Maja Kastelic
Original picture books are a rare thing in Slovenia, especially those with no words. Painter and illustrator Maja Kastelic has managed to enthral readers and experts alike with her picture book entitled A Boy and a House. She’s even been invited to this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the greatest show of its kind in the world. So far, only three Slovenian illustrators have exhibited there.
Puppeteer Matija Solce
Matija Solce is an all-round artist. He’s currently completing his doctoral studies of puppetry at the famous DAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, but he’s also a musician, director and actor. He has travelled far and wide with his puppet suitcase and accordion enrapturing all kinds of audiences. He’s also received several awards at international puppet festivals.
Ceramicist Dubravka Šorel
Although the best-known material in Slovenian Istria is stone, Dubravka Šorel, who lives and works in the coastal town of Piran, prefers to work with clay. Under her fingers, clay is transformed into original ceramic pieces, particularly images of Piran architecture, animals and plants.

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