Slovenian Magazine is a mosaic, a 25-minute show in English and German.
It presents current events in Slovenia, its cultural and historical heritage, attractive features of the landscape, and the country’s economic and tourist potential.
It places great stress on original Slovenian creativity.
Slovenian Magazine is mainly intended for foreign countries, as well as for Slovenians living around the world.

Slovenian Magazine is a fortnightly show
broadcast on TV Slovenija 1,
every other Friday at 17.30 and Thursday  at 16.30 on TV Slovenija 2.    

German and English language versions alternate in the broadcasting schedule, both with Slovenian subtitles.
European viewers can also watch the show over a satellite that carries the TV Slovenija signal.
RTV Slovenija is available on the Satellite: Eutelsat 16A 16 degrees East,10721 MHz, coding system (FEC): 3/4

The English version is on Channel 25 WNYE in New York every other Sunday at 2.00 p.m.
The show is regularly broadcast by the educational programme SCOLA in the USA and the European satellite EbS.
Slovenian Magazine is also part of the multicultural programme in Sydney, Melbourne and Buenos Aires
The show is also broadcast in Italian by Koper Capodistria, while individual topics appear on Euronews as well.

The German version is on 3 SAT every other Monday.



:: show 516 .. 15th July 2016 ::


Over the last two decades, the Ljubljanica River, which is one of the most recognisable parts in the capital of Slovenia, has again become the vibrant river it once was in the past.* Not only tourist boats, but also kayaks, canoes and other vessels can be seen sailing on it. The lively river has enjoyed a series of renovation works on the bridges and embankments in the city centre, turning this part of Ljubljana into a popular social gathering point.
Lendava is the easternmost town of Slovenia, situated in the Prekmurje region, just next to the border with Hungary. About a third of its population is of Hungarian nationality, making this area bilingual. Until the Second World War, however, the largest Jewish community in Slovenia also resided there.
Rok Slana is a painter of the younger generation; however, last year he made it into the famous Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Slana's creations could be described as a mixture of realism, surrealism and, most of all,symbolism.                                                                                                                                            
The area above the upper end of the Logar Valley, one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys, hides several gems of nature - including the mighty Rinka waterfall and the Okrešelj basin. *The mountain hut on Mt Okrešelj was named after the botanist Johannes Frischauf from Vienna, a passionate promoter of the beautiful Savinja Alps and a great friend of the Slovenian people.
Freediving is an extreme sport, since the body is exposed to extreme conditions during diving into the depths of the sea. *Samo Jeranko is one of the best free-divers both in Slovenia and in the world. As an international AIDA freediving instructor he now instructs new generations of divers.                                                                                                                                              

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