Slovenian Magazine is a mosaic, a 25-minute show in English and German.
It presents current events in Slovenia, its cultural and historical heritage, attractive features of the landscape, and the country’s economic and tourist potential.
It places great stress on original Slovenian creativity.
Slovenian Magazine is mainly intended for foreign countries, as well as for Slovenians living around the world.

Slovenian Magazine is a fortnightly show
broadcast on TV Slovenija 1,
every other Friday at 17.30 and Thursday  at 16.30 on TV Slovenija 2.    

German and English language versions alternate in the broadcasting schedule, both with Slovenian subtitles.
European viewers can also watch the show over a satellite that carries the TV Slovenija signal.
RTV Slovenija is available on the Satellite: Eutelsat 16A 16 degrees East,10721 MHz, coding system (FEC): 3/4

The English version is on Channel 25 WNYE in New York every other Sunday at 2.00 p.m.
The show is regularly broadcast by the educational programme SCOLA in the USA and the European satellite EbS.
Slovenian Magazine is also part of the multicultural programme in Sydney, Melbourne and Buenos Aires
The show is also broadcast in Italian by Koper Capodistria, while individual topics appear on Euronews as well.

The German version is on 3 SAT every other Monday.



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There are over 40 landscape parks in Slovenia. The one with the largest surface area is Kum Landscape Park in the east of the country. Situated in the heart of the Zasavje region, the park was named after the highest peak of the Posavje hills, the 1,220 metres high Kum. Since it lies at the point where the pre-Alpine and the Dinaric worlds meet, it is characterised by highly diverse flora and fauna.
The Avsenik Brothers Ensemble is an undeniable legend of the Slovenian as well as European music scene. Over 60 years ago, the Avsenik brothers established a new genre of folk music that carried the name of Slovenia and their birthplace Begunje all over the world. Even today, their music still has a myriad of fans.
Lilijana Praprotnik Zupančič, better known as Lila Prap, is an extraordinary author of children’s books. She only entered the world of children’s literature after having worked several years in the fields of architecture and design. Her picture books have been published in 35 countries, including Japan, where they have been particularly well received. Lila Prap has won numerous awards for her work.
With almost 1,800 metres, Snežnik is the highest non-Alpine mountain in Slovenia. This extensive Karst plateau in the south of the country is covered by vast forests, which are home to many animal species, including beasts, and is also characterised by a number of chasms. Of particular importance is the flora on the plateau where the Dinaric and the Alpine worlds meet. There are several mountain trails leading across Snežnik, including the E6 European long distance path, spanning from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic.
Since they were invented, handbags have been an indispensable part of women’s apparel and rather quickly acquired a special aesthetic value besides a purely functional one. The Handbag Museum in Portorož on the Slovenian coast, the second museum of this kind in Europe, holds around 500 pieces. The oldest among them dates back to the 18th century.


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