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Come Away With Me - Arhiv

Come away with me to....Lithuania

Photos: Our last edition before the summer break takes us to one of the Baltic States, Lithuania.

Come away with Iran

It is time to discover the Islamic Republic of Iran , earlier known as Persia.

Come away with me to...Azerbaijan

We take you to a miraculous country with its unlimited natural resources, centuries-old culture and history where the traditions of different cultures and civilizations live together.

Come away with Peru

This time, our destination is a South American country...

Come Away With Me to .... Macedonia

This edition of Come away with me takes us to a country that used to be part of the former Yugoslavia, Macedonia.

Come away with Georgia

Our latest show reveals some of the mysteries of an ancient country in the Caucasus, Georgia .

Come away with Thailand

This time ‘Come away with me’ takes us to Thailand.

Come away with Albania

The show is hosting His Excellency Mr Pëllumb Qazimi, Ambassador of Albania to Slovenia.

Come away with Bosnia and Herzegovina

The latest show reveals the many diversities of the Balkan country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Come away with Australia

Ever wondered why Australia is called The Land Down Under? Well, one of the people who know the answer to this is Mr Viktor Baraga, Honorary Consul of Australia to Slovenia.

Come away with Azerbaijan

The show takes us to a country which some people call ''The Land of Fire'', Azerbaijan .

Come away with Nepal

In this show we take you to the country of Nepal, dubbed by many as ''The Roof of the World''. Our guest is Mr Aswin Kumar Shrestha, Consul General of Nepal in Slovenia.

Come away with Croatia

In this show, we're visiting our neighbouring country, Croatia, the youngest EU member.

Come away with France

Lidija Petković is exploring the European country of France, by talking to His Excellency, Mr Pierre-Francois Mourier, French Ambassador to Slovenia.

Come away with me Chile

In this edition of ' Come Away With Me' we will explore the beautiful South American country of Chile.

Come away with USA

We're talking to His Excellency, Mr Joseph Mussomeli , the US Ambassador to Slovenia.