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26. 6. 2024

Dobrodošli v Second Hand. Danes se bomo posvetili novi uspešnici Rite Ore, 'Ask and You Shall ...

Spotlight Spotlight - I know EU - AI act

22. 11. 2023

Spotlight - I know EU - AI act

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - EU Commission bans Tik Tok

27. 2. 2023

The European Commission has banned its staff from using Tik Tok on their phones and corporate ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Government hopes to increase Slovenia's air connectivity

15. 3. 2023

The number of commercial flights in Slovenia last year was 41% below the 2019 average - the biggest ...

Izluščeno Izluščeno, 1.2. - Lik kurenta in Kurentovanje

1. 2. 2023

Jutri opolnoči (2.2.) se bo s Kurentovim skokom začel najbolj nori čas v letu. Na tem posebnem ...

Spotlight MindGuide's AI Chatbot helps young with mental health

17. 4. 2023

Mental and physical health were among the priority areas of the European Year of Youth 2022. ...

Study abroad Darja says studying in Slovenia can be a bit chaotic, but that this same chaos is also “a breath of fresh air”

3. 4. 2023

Darja is an artist of Russian-Ukrainian descent from Latvia who lives and studies in the ...

EU minuta EU minuta, 24.2.2023 - Uslužbenci Evropske komisije morajo s telefonov odstraniti kitajsko aplikacijo TikTok

24. 2. 2023

Evropska komisija je naročila vsem svojim uslužbencem, naj s službenih in osebnih telefonov ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, July 27: The Open Air Cinema Minoriti in Maribor

27. 7. 2020

The coronavirus has left its mark on festivals around the world. How is the Open Air Cinema ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT: Alpine Air - City Flair, a tour of Kranj

24. 7. 2019

What does Kranj have to offer visitors? We went to see for ourselves.

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 30.10.: Aid groups warn of humanitarian crisis in Bosnia

30. 10. 2019

Aid agencies, including the International Red Cross, are warning of a humanitarian disaster in ...

Study abroad STUDY ABROAD: Esen Gül Dik

27. 11. 2017

Esen Gül Dik is an Erasmus student from Turkey. Before coming to Maribor she didn’t know where ...

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