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Study abroad Diana's exchange wasn't as enjoyable as she thought it would be

22. 7. 2024

Diana is a Portuguese student who came to Maribor for a semester to study mechanical engineering. ...

Study abroad Lorenzo in Anita are teens who came to Maribor for a three week internship

8. 7. 2024

The 17- and 18-year-old didn’t have much of a choice when it came to selecting the country of ...

Study abroad Luca's decision to study in Ljubljana was literally made overnight

10. 6. 2024

One challenge Luca says she faced in Ljubljana was the language barrier as she does not speak ...

Study abroad Adrian started his echange on one path and is ending it on another

24. 6. 2024

Adrian is one of those people who believes that if you truly truly set your mind to something, you ...

Study abroad Ana says her semester abroad enabled her to grow as a person

27. 5. 2024

Ana says her friends were taken aback by her choice to study in Slovenia for a semester. ...

Study abroad Flore says when she saw Ljubljana among her exchange options, she knew this was a perfect option for her

13. 5. 2024

Flore says that she couldn't have chosen a better place for the exchange than Ljubljana, as it ...

Study abroad For Laura, snow was the deciding factor when choosing to study in Ljubljana

18. 3. 2024

It hasn't snowed for a couple of months now, but it did fall in January when we recorded an ...

Study abroad Silvia says that she was surprised by the slowness of life in Maribor

15. 4. 2024

The Media Communications student says what surprised her in Maribor was that playgrounds for ...

Study abroad Andrej always knew he wanted to study abroad

19. 2. 2024

Two years ago, Andrej started his studies at Maribor's FERI. But this was not the faculty he wanted ...

Study abroad Slovenia might want to take a page from Finland's corriculum when it comes to home economics

1. 4. 2024

Venla studies home economics. In Finland, it's a subject that's mandatory for both elementary and ...

Study abroad Can spent a semester in Ljubljana 5 years ago. He then decided to give Maribor a chance

4. 3. 2024

Five years ago, Can embarked on an Erasmus exchange to Ljubljana, where he spent a semester. Now, ...

Study abroad Nevena chose to pursue studies in social work after years of work in her own NGO

5. 2. 2024

Nevena chose to pursue studies in social work after years of dedicated work in her own ...

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