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Spotlight International flood relief teams stationed in Rečica ob Savinji

14. 8. 2023

Following the worst natural disaster to hit the country, Slovenia requested for assistance via the ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - The British International School in Ljubljana

26. 6. 2023

Today we talk to Ms. Mel Hitchcocks, the Principle of the British International School in Ljubljana.

Izluščeno Prešeren International

8. 2. 2022

Dela Franceta Prešerna so prevedena v mnoge svetovne jezike. Ekipa Radia Slovenia International je ...

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 211 - International Women's Day

14. 3. 2022


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - 1st International School in Maribor

10. 1. 2022

Slovenia's second largest city Maribor will launch its first international school next year. ...

Study abroad Nadiia is a woman international master in chess who is studying computer science in Maribor (05.09.2022)

5. 9. 2022

Chess is one of the main reasons Nadiia says she has seen much of the world. The Ukrainian student ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Olympics with no international fans

22. 3. 2021

International fans will not be allowed to attend the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games. ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT 04.10.2021: International Festival City of Women to strengthen social ties with art

4. 10. 2021

The International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women got under way on Saturday, Oct ...

Im Fokus Internationale Doping Razzia

11. 7. 2019

Internationale Doping Razzia

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, Nov 27th: The International Animated Film Festival Animateka is to kick off on Monday

27. 11. 2020

Like many other events, the International Animated Film Festival Animateka will this year take ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT: Today we mark the International Day of Sign Languages

23. 9. 2019

There are around 1500 deaf people who use the Slovenian sign language in Slovenia, around 450 ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT: The Amazon fires have pushed Brazil to the forefront of international conversations

30. 8. 2019

According to data from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, there have been almost 85 ...

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