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Land of dreams Meet Luz Oto Bravo, a Peruvian in Slovenia

20. 10. 2021

Luz says adventure brought her to Slovenia. She came from Peru many years ago to visit her brother ...

Izluščeno Turizem v visokogorju - zaščita Alp

27. 9. 2021

Vsak delavnik ob 9.20 na Radiu Si izluščimo temo/dogodek, ki si to po aktualnosti tudi zasluži.

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 29.1. Two Slovenian climbers reach top of Europe's tallest chimney

29. 1. 2021

Poglobljena informativna rubrika v angleškem jeziku, ki predoči tedensko aktualno dogajanje v ...

Im Fokus Top Ski Ressort Kronplatz

16. 4. 2019

Interview mit Laura Ausserdorfer vom Top Ski Ressort 2018/2019 Kronplatz

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, Dec 2nd: 7th European Poetry Slam Championship to kick off Dec 4th

2. 12. 2020

The 7th European Poetry Slam Championship is to get under way this Friday, Dec 4th. Hosting it will ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - EU Top job debate

20. 5. 2019

Six candidates for the next European Commission President - to replace Jean-Claude Juncker - held ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - EU fights over EU top jobs

31. 5. 2019

SPOTLIGHT - EU fights over EU top jobs

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT Aug 4th 2021: The Night has its Might project this year focuses on the quality of water

4. 8. 2021

Do you know how clean or dirty the lake, river or stream you swim in is? Well, the project The ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT: Race for EU’s top jobs ends with marathon summit

8. 7. 2019

The race for the EU’s top jobs ended with a marathon summit last week and resulted in the ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 4th Nov: Libraries in Slovenia partly reopened

4. 11. 2020

Last Friday, the government decided to expand the list of exceptions that are allowed to operate ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 9th Sep: Slovenia defends high positions at Tour de France

9. 9. 2020

On Sunday Slovenian riders made history at the Tour de France yet again. Yesterday the cyclists ...

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, July 6th 2020: You can adopt a plant at the sanctuary for abandoned plants in Ljubljana

6. 7. 2020

Everyone knows cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and the like can be adopted at different shelters. ...

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