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Slovenia's hidden gems

62 epizod

Slovenia's hidden gems

62 epizod

We are introducing Slovenia’s most attractive tourist offers for visitors from abroad. In general, foreign visitors are mostly drawn to the most famous places, like the Lake Bled resort, Ljubljana castle, Postojna cave, the coastal town of Piran etc. But the project Slovenia’s hidden gems aims to remind our audiences of the many other excellent locations and experiences that are also a must, in order to get a deeper feel of the country’s rich traditions, including cuisine, culture and other unique and innovative (but secret) tourist attractions. Please give us your proposals for any unique location, service or tourist offer, that you would definitely share with foreign visitors to Slovenia. The best rated suggestions and ideas will then be tested by foreigners living, working or studying in Slovenia (members of our Radio Si International Club). They will then share their experiences with our audience in a show and on our Radio Si website, introducing the excellent providers, too. At the end of the season, it will be time for all of you to vote among the 20 excellent finalists and pick three winners, who will receive the »Slovenia’s hidden gem 2018« award. On-Air: every other WED at 11:20; SAT, 00:20, SUN, 14:20 The show is prepared by Ksenija Samardžija Matul and Lidija Petković; sound engineer: Peter Kopše Pišec.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2023 #1 The Secret Rooms of Hotel Jama

Our first show of the 2023 SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMS season takes us to the Postojna cave park! Taking us there will be TAAHIRA Ayoob from Singapore and PAOLA Villasuso from Spain, two friends who agreed to test a 2-day offer dubbed ''The Secret Rooms of Hotel Jama'' for us there! Hotel Jama is not an ordinary hotel. It has some secret rooms, where unusual hotel activities took place in former Yugoslavia. Come and join us in discovering what was really going on in these rooms back in the day!


SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMS#9 The Dragon's Secret Tour of Ljubljana

Our last show of this season takes us to the Ljubljana marshes, the homeland of Ljubljana's most iconic inhabitant - the Ljubljana Dragon. Exploring its secrets was a lovely couple, HELENA KLAJNŠČEK (Slovenia/Italy) and SUMIT MAURYA (India), who had a lot of fun scouting the area as part of the 1-day tourist offer ''The Dragon's Secret Tour of Ljubljana'', coordinated by the Lifetime Experience agency. They have experienced an exciting adventure in pristine nature with a local guide and found peace that only heaven can give. Our scouts said the experience changed the way they felt about Ljubljana and its surroundings.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems #8 - Ravne na Koroškem-Flavours of the Count

Slovenia's Hidden Gems #8 - Ravne na Koroškem-Flavours of the Count



Our next show takes us to the oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj and its picturesque surroundings. Testing a 2-day offer dubbed ''TRAVEL THROUGH TIME AND EXPERIENCE THE TASTES OF PTUJ'' was a young US-Slovenian couple BRIZA Bohne and TONI Hočevar. Our scouts had a chance to enter the time and stories of the Counts of Herberstein. One of their many stops were also a ''living'' museum in Mestni vrh, called the Herberstein House, and a lovely castle cafe Huda Liza in Vurberk. TUNE IN to hear more about their incredibly rich, educational and fun experience.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems #6 - In the embrace of the mountains, discover the treasures of Kamnik and its countryside

Slovenia's Hidden Gems #6 - In the embrace of the mountains, discover the treasures of Kamnik and its countryside Dr. Gerald Hühner and Dr. Monica Hühner from Germany tested the two-day package - In the embrace of the mountains, discover the treasures of Kamnik and its countryside. Find out more about their trip in the show Slovenia's Hidden Gems on Radio SI.


Slovenia's HIDDEN GEMS #5 Šmartno Culinary Adventure

***ŠMARTNO CULINARY ADVENTURE*** was a 1-day offer tested by RUTH Vanhoof & her mother ELLY Pelkmans from BELGIUM! Their day in the area of Šmartno pri Litiji in central Slovenia included a real beekeeper's breakfast, a walk through the town, a traditional dish at a local inn, a tour around a beautiful medieval castle known for hosting a famous Slovenian polyhistor and another delicious meal at the castle pub.TUNE IN to their experience and some of the providers of the offer, coordinated by the Javni zavod Bogenšperk, HERE!


Slovenia's Hidden Gems #4 - Noble Šoštanj

Slovenia's Hidden Gems #4 - Noble Šoštanj


Slovenia's Hidden Gems#3 Rock'n'roll of tastes in Maribor

Our 3rd show of this season took us to Maribor, Slovenia's 2nd largest city and its surroundings! The 2-day offer ''Rock’n’Roll of Tastes in Maribor'' took a lovely UK-Slovenian couple, EUAN WARDLE & KATJA OGRIS, on a very fun ride! They said they'd recommed the package to everyone who loves music, especially rock'n'roll, history, good food, wine, coffee and nature! The offer was coordinated by Visit Maribor (the Maribor Tourist board). Stara trta / World's Oldest Vine Fudo Poštna štiri-LeVino HI KO FI Pokrajinski muzej Maribor GT22 Restavracija MAK Posestvo SONČNI RAJ Nesting resort


Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Unforgetable Day at Fonda Fish Farm

Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Unforgetable Day at Fonda Fish Farm


Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Unforgetable Day at Fonda Fish Farm

Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Unforgetable Day at Fonda Fish Farm


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2022#1: By bike from fort to fort - Expedition into the past

SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMS is back! Our first show of the new season takes us to the beautiful KARST region close to Italy! Experiencing a 2-day tourist package ''BY BIKE FROM FORT TO FORT - EXPEDITION INTO THE PAST'' coordinated by Območna razvojna agencija Krasa in Brkinov were two Radio Si SCOUTS, BLAS FERNANDEZ from Argentina and RENE RODRIGUEZ from Mexico, on e-bikes! TUNE IN to their experience and a short introduction about the very rich offer.


Slovenia's Hidden gems#10: The magic world of Idrijske Krnice

Idrija, the town in western Slovenia, is best known for the second largest mercury mine in the world, beautiful Idrija lace and traditional Idrija žlikrofi. It is less known for its beautiful and unspoiled nature. But Jordi from Barcelona and Andreja from Slovenia might change this, as Radio SI send them to test the last package for this year’s season of Slovenia’s Hidden Gems. Find out more about what they have to say about the two-day package - The magic world of Idrijske Krnice.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2021#9: Tufa spring in Jezersko

Andreas, Mira & their 2-year-old son Jorin are a lovely three-member family from Germany who were recently sent off to the beautiful northern region of JEZERSKO on the border with Austria. They were welcomed by the stunning views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and pristine nature and animals. The young family got to test an active getaway offer dubbed ''TUFA SPRING in JEZERSKO'', coordinated by the TIC Jezersko. TUNE IN to hear more about the offer and how much fun they had!


Slovenia's Hidden Gems FINALIST#8: Wine stories of Radgonske gorice

Our latest show Slovenia’s Hidden Gemstakes you to the northeast of Slovenia at the Slovenian Austrian border to Gornja Radgona. Kasia and Uroš from Poland and Slovenia had the chance to test a tourist offer in Gornja Radgona the one-day package – Wine stories of Radgonske gorice. They enjoyed great food, wines and the beautiful landscape. Tune in and find out more.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2021#7 Discover the Land With Good People

'DISCOVER THE LAND WITH GOOD PEOPLE'' is a 2-day tourist offer that was tested by MAZ & TERRY RAYNER, a UK couple who were blown away from the entire experience. They visited the area of VELIKA POLANA in the NE region of Prekmurje! One of the landmarks they visited was also the homestead of the famous Slovenian writer MIŠKO KRANJEC, where they also stayed the night. TUNE IN to the show to hear more about it from them! We also talked to the main providers of the package, which was coordinated by the Municipality of Velika Polana in cooperation with the Miško Kranjec homestead, the Pomelaj cooperative and the Copek Mill!


SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMS#6 The Story of Mikul in Kostel

''The Story of Mikul in Kostel'' is a 2-day tourist offer that was tested by a Swedish-Slovenian family Gustavsson. Kostel is a geographically small but varied forested landscape along the Kolpa river on the southern border with Croatia. And who is Mikul? TUNE IN to find out more! The package was coordinated by the Association for Culture and Tourism Kostel in cooperation with the Kostel castle and the Rugole farm in Bosljiva Loka.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2021 #5 - Incredible Willys Jeep adventure

Our latest edition of Slovenia's Hidden gems takes you to western Slovenia, near the Italian border. Simone and Roy from the Netherlands had the pleasure to test a very special tourist offer in Tolmin and the surrounding area - a fascinating one-day experience with breath-taking views called - INCREDIBLE WILLYS JEEP ADVENTURE. Follow their adventures on Slovenia’s Hidden Gems.


SLOVENIA's HIDDEN GEMS 2021#4: Discovering Brkini with e-Bikes

Introducing a 1-day offer ''DISCOVERING BRKINI with e-BIKES'' will be a Canadian/UK couple, STEPHANIE & PATRICK. They were sent off to the beautiful Karst area of BRKINI! TUNE in to hear more about their experience from them & several providers of the tourist offer! In cooperation with the Homestead Belajevi in Kačiče, the Mythical park in Rodik, the Homestead at File's in Slope & the Homestead Linč in Rodik. More information about the offer: More information about our scouts' experience: photo credit: Stephanie & Patrick


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2021#3 - The untouched nature and beneficial energy of Dobrovnik.

Our scouts Dijana and Joao Pita Costa, a Slovenian/Portuguese couple and their two children travelled from Ljubljana to Dobrovnik near the Slovenian-Hungarian border to test the two-day package The untouched nature and beneficial energy of Dobrovnik. During their stay, they realized Dobrovnik offers a perfect combination of nature, sports, culture, and cuisine. Curious? Then don’t miss edition #3 of this year’s season Slovenia’s Hidden Gems.


Slovenia's Hidden Gems 2021#2 ''Experience Count Blagaj's Land''

Radio Si is again searching for excellent tourist offers and experiences – away from the crowded and well-known touristy places in Slovenia. Introducing a new 2-day offer ''Experience Count Blagaj's Land'' will be two friends from CROATIA & SERBIA, TAMARA Šmidlehner and JOVANA Bobić. They were sent off to the small town of POLHOV GRADEC and the village of ČRNI VRH. Their much-needed city break treated them with a lot of new and fun experience! TUNE in to hear about it from them! The package was coordinated by the Polhov Gradec Mansion in cooperation with Pr' Popr and Na Prosenov Farm.

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