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Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 105 - Sunburn

25. 6. 2021

What have we learned today: The best thing against the summer heat is to GO SWIMMING - PLAVATI. And if you aren’t lucky enough to live by the sea, you will have to find a SWIMMING POOL - BAZEN. But you usually can’t jump into the water there or the LIFEGUARD – REŠEVALEC IZ VODE might want to throw you out. Poor Dave learned an important lesson today. And it has nothing to do with JUMPING INTO THE POOL – SKAKATI V BAZEN. The lesson is to always wear SUNSCREEN – KREMA ZA SONČENJE. If not, you might get a SUNBURN – SONČNE OPEKLINE.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 104 - Food delivery

24. 6. 2021

Today Dave mastered the art of ORDERING FOOD OUT – NAROČANJE DOSTAVE HRANE. He ordered a pizza margherita and a MIXED SALAD – MEŠANA SOLATA with PUMPKIN OIL – BUČNO OLJE and VINEGAR - KISS for Fani, and a pizza diavola or “pikantna pica” for himself. He paid the delivery man in cash, but he still has to learn something about giving a TIP - NAPITNINA in Slovenia.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 103 - Trip to the hairdresser's

23. 6. 2021

Dave went to the HAIRDRESSER – FRIZER/FRIZERKA – at the „frizerski salon“. He just wanted a SHORT HAIRCUT - a KRATKA FRIZURA... But NOT TOO SHORT – NE PREVEČ KRATKO. He used to have a PONYTAIL – ČOP, DYED HAIR – POBARVANE LASJE, and even PLAITS – KITKE when he was younger... But those days are gone and now he's worried about being BALD – PLEŠAST. Let's just hope that Fani gets used to Dave's new hairstyle soon or he might have to wear a WIG - LASULJA at Špela's birthday party next week!

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 102 - Korošica

22. 6. 2021

Dave loves Slovenian DIALECTS - NAREČJA, even though he sweats with them. He was PREPARED - PRIPRAVLJEN for the first student PARTY – ZABAVA. He learned new words: ROJSTNO MESTO - BIRTHPLACE, MUČITI SE – TO STRUGGLE, ENOSTAVNO - SIMPLE, POHITI - HURRY UP and NAPITNINA - TIP … the joy of every barman.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 101 - First camping trip

21. 6. 2021

This was Dave's first camping experience in Slovenia. He learned some new words including ŠOTOR – TENT, KLINI – PEGS, KLADIVO – HAMMER, SPALNA VREČA – SLEEPING BAG, KONZERVA – CAN, ŽEPNI NOŽ – POCKET KNIFE. And remember, there's no such thing as BAD WEATHER – SLABO VREME, only BAD CLOTHING – SLABA OBLAČILA.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 100 - Weekend in Istria

18. 6. 2021

Today Dave learned a few useful words... and not just for when you're looking for the SUGAR – SLADKOR, or the BUTTER – MASLO. ON is NA, IN is V, UNDER is POD, BEHIND is ZA and IN FRONT OF YOU / ME is PRED TABO / MANO... And don't worry, there are no eyes in the EGGS - JAJCA... It's just JAJCA NA OKO - FRIED EGGS. Dober tek.. enjoy your meal!   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 99 - Crossword puzzle

17. 6. 2021

The young man from Ireland has a really steely will. Even a CROSSWORD PUZZLE – KRIŽANKA is great for learning new Slovenian words: NA PRIMER - FOR EXAMPLE, PAMETNO - SMART, GLAVNO MESTO - CAPITAL CITY, UNIČITI - TO DESTROY, HROŠČ - BEETLE, NEMOGOČE – IMPOSSIBLE, NOR - CRAZY, OSEL - DONKEY, ČRKE - LETTERS, KRAŠKA JAMA - KARST CAVE… Everything is easy… with Fani's help.   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 98 - Setting the table

16. 6. 2021

Today Dave learned that "bograč" stew and other similar dishes are called 'NEKAJ NA ŽLICO' or 'SOMETHING ON A SPOON'... He had to SET THE TABLE - PRIPRAVITI MIZO, with a KROŽNIK - PLATE, VILICA - FORK. It's VILICE if we have many FORKS, NOŽ is a KNIFE, ŽLICA, of course, is a SPOON, and KOZAREC is a GLASS. KOZARCI are GLASSES... and his stomach won't rumble - 'trebušček ne bo krulil' - for much longer.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 97 - Geography

15. 6. 2021

There's no real rule in naming countries or its citizens in Slovene. So it can be confusing and complicated! Not all, but most countries, end with either an »IJA« ending, like Slovenija - Slovenia, Nemčija – Germany, Italija – Italy, Grčija – Greece, Anglija – England... Or with a »KA« ending, like for example Hrvaška – Croatia, Madžarska – Hungary, Kitajska – China, Irska – Ireland, or Nizozemska – the Netherlands... But when it comes to nationalities and naming the men and women of each country, we advise the use of a DICTIONARY – a SLOVAR.   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 96 - Mosquitos

14. 6. 2021

So Dave met Maribor's MOSQUITOS – KOMARJE today. While enjoying the ISTRIAN WINE – ISTRSKO VINO, which tastes DELICIOUS – OKUSNO, HE GOT BITTEN BY MOSQUITOS - SO GA POPIKALI KOMARJI… They are really WILD – DIVJI here BY THE DRAVA RIVER - OB REKI DRAVI. Well, he now at least he knows he’s NOT ALLERGIC – NI ALERGIČEN to wine, so he and Fani can enjoy it again tomorrow on the BALCONY – NA BALKONU, with MOSQUITO SPRAY – Z RAZPRŠILOM PROTI KOMARJEM, while watching the SUNSET – SONČNI ZAHOD.   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 95 - Fishing

11. 6. 2021

Dave returns home after a nice day out FISHING or RIBARJENJE with his friends at the local FISH POND - RIBNIK. It was his first fishing experience in Slovenia and he found out he still hasn’t forgotten how to use a FISHING ROD - RIBIŠKA PALICA. And with the right BAIT - VABA and a perfectly set FLOATER - PLOVEC he caught a pretty CARP - KRAP into his FISHING NET - PODMETALKA. Well, about the size of the fish… you know how fishermen are, right…   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 94 - Package delivery problems

10. 6. 2021

Dave´s Slovene is improving; he was able to get things done without his Fani. He managed to call the CUSTOMER SERVICE - POMOČ UPORABNIKOM and he will now be able to pick up the SHIPMENT - POŠILJKA, more precisely the BRACELET – ZAPESTNICA, he bought for Fani at the PROVIDER'S STORE - POSLOVNICA in Maribor. That’s if he remembers to bring his ID and receipt with the ŠTEVILKA NAROČILA or ORDER NUMBER.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 93 - Lost keys

9. 6. 2021

Luckily Dave has found the KEYS TO THE APARTMENT - KLJUČE OD STANOVANJA. It seems they weren’t in Fani´s PURSE - TORBICA, but that he left them in the car, so he didn’t have to drive all the way to Fani´s sister to get the SPARE KEYS - REZERVNE KLJUČE. Fani suggested that he put them on the KEYCHAIN - OBESEK of the car keys, so that this awkward situation would not happen again…   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 92 - The weather

8. 6. 2021

Dave’s right! Most weather adjectives in Slovenia do end with a “NO”. Today we mentioned SončNO – Sunny, OblačNO – Cloudy, DeževNO – Rainy, SnežNO – Snowy, MegleNo – Foggy, and NevihtNO – Stormy. We also have JasNO – Clear and VlažNO – Humid… So now, not only is Dave still a YOUNG MAN - MLADENIČ, now he can also strike a conversation about the weather, in Slovene…   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 91 - In a pub in Ptuj

7. 6. 2021

Today Dave visited Ptuj for the first time although he didn't see much of the town. However, his friend Declan did teach him a few useful new words. GRAD - CASTLE, REKA - RIVER, JEZERO - LAKE, MOST - BRIDGE, CERKEV - CHURCH, KAPELA - CHAPEL, ZVON - BELL, and PAS - BELT. Dave also got a quick introduction to plurals in Slovenian. MOSTOVI - BRIDGES, ZVONOVI - BELLS, PASOVI - BELTS... and, while we're talking about plurals, if Dave and Declan order 'še ena runda', they're going to have to answer to Fani!   

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 90 - Trip to Bled

4. 6. 2021

Today Dave visited Bled… and learned that LAKE is JEZERO and BOAT is ČOLN. He ROWED - je VESLAL, and took care for some ROMANCE – ROMANTIKA. Dave also learned STEPS are STOPNICE and on Bled Island there is 99 – DEVETINDEVETDESET of them. And the GROOM is ŽENIN, BRIDE is NEVESTA, SECRET is SKRIVNOST and HAPPY MARRIAGE is SREČEN ZAKON.

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 89 - Oh, crap!

3. 6. 2021

So, despite all the nonsense, Dave learned some new Slovenian words today… BIRDS are?PTIČKI, FRESH AIR is SVEŽ ZRAK and they really should go for a WALK – SPREHOD, MORE OFTEN – BOLJ POGOSTO. MORNING is JUTRO, TOILET is STRANIŠČE, RAIN is DEŽ and in Maribor, funny, they say “nea seri”, which means “ne govori”…

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 88 - Horoscope

2. 6. 2021

It's hard to convince our Dave to trust the star signs too much. But he learned new Slovene words: VERJETI means BELIEVE, ŠKORPIJON is SCORPIO, DEVICA – VIRGO but also VIRGIN, VODNAR – AQUARIUS, OVEN is ARIES, BIVŠI FANT means EX-BOYFRIEND, NEPRIČAKOVANO is UNEXPECTED, SODELAVCI are CO-WORKERS and GROZNO is TERRIBLE. And you? Have you already read the horoscope today?

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 87 - The dryer

1. 6. 2021

What a day for Dave… He‘s becoming a real help for Fani in the apartment. From today he has some new friends: PRALNI STROJ – WASHING MACHINE and DRYER – SUŠILNI STROJ… He learned some important words: PRAZEN - EMPTY, BOMBAŽ - COTTON, OBČUTLJIVO - SENSITIVE, VOLNA - WOOL, POSTELJNINA - BEDDING, MEČKATI SE - WRINKLE, OČISTITI - TO CLEAN… And never apply MEHČALEC – SOFTENER in your dryer! :)

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene 86 - Fire in town

31. 5. 2021


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