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Land of dreams

194 epizod

Land of dreams

194 epizod

An audio documentary presenting true stories about foreigners in Slovenia. We visit them, peek into their lives and daily routines. Take a different look at the people that have come from abroad! Has Slovenia fulfilled their expectations? Is it their land of dreams?


Meet Werner and Nardia, South Africans in Slovenia

Meet the Daltons from South Africa! Werner and Nardia arrived in Slovenia with their son around half a year ago with a wish to call Slovenia their home. They say South Africa is overcrowded and love the size of Ljubljana and its quick access to nature. Nardia has a natural products business, as she makes her own environmentally friendly washing powders and dishwasher tablets. She praises Slovenia's sustainable approaches and excellent tap water quality. Werner says learning Slovene is a challenge but not unsurmountable, and said he thought VSTOP meant no entry and that the stores were closed :) Their music choice: Johnny Clegg & Savuka - "Scatterlings of Africa": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet the Chernenkos, a Ukrainian family in Slovenia

This week we talk to the Chernenkos, a Ukrainian family living in Slovenia. The Chernenkos have been in Slovenia for two years now but still face challenges. Andrii and Iryna arrived in Slovenia with their son and daughter to offer them a better education and future. However their thoughts are still in Ukraine, worried about the current situation and the safety of their families… We visited them in Bled to talk about their experiences so far and what they feel… Music used in the interview: Pink Floyd - "Us and Them", The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army", and D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar". You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Ozbay Emrah, a Turk in Slovenia

Slovenia is beautiful and amazing, but some people decide to move on... Ozbay Emrah, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, has lived in Slovenia for around three years. Now he's moving to neighbouring Austria. He lists some of the biggest obstacles: the Slovene language and the inability to find proper work. Nevertheless, Ozbay says he's leaving Slovenia with nice memories. If you want to find out more about his decision, we met with Ozbay on his last day in Maribor… Ozbay's music choice: Tarkan - "Kiss, kiss": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Abigail Strate, a Canadian in Slovenia

Today's guest is an Olympic medalist from Canada, living and practicing in Slovenia. Abigail Strate first tried ski jumping when she was six. She's been jumping ever since ;) Abigail spends most of the year in Slovenia, lives in a house near the Planica Nordic Centre, has a Slovenian coach, loves bees, and has Slovenia to thank for her medal. She says she feels at home here and that going to Canada is sometimes more of a culture shock than being in Slovenia :) Abigail's music choice: Billy Joel - "Vienna": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Paul, an Englishman, and Abhaya, a Taiwanese, in Slovenia

Paul first came to Slovenia when he was eight years old. Later in life it turned out to be the only country he came back to which was better than his memory of it. Today Paul lives in the village of Ribno near Bled, together with his wife Abhaya, who comes from Taiwan. They love Slovenia's nature, fresh air, rivers and lakes. He says he'd like to see Slovenians be more connected, more vocal in protecting their environment, and lead more fulfilling lives... Their music choice: Jack Johnson - "Banana pancakes": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Mehtab Singh, an Indian in Slovenia

There's no escaping destiny, and Mehtab says destiny brought him to Slovenia. Meet Mehtab Singh, originally from Punjab, India, now living in Kranj. Mehtab has a tea shop in Kranj and says Slovenia has made him a complete man. He decided to start a business and start living in Slovenia after first falling in love with the country 14 years ago. He says Slovenians are warm and curious, very intelligent but keep to themselves. Join us as we touch on the differences between India and Slovenia as we walk up to Ljubljana Castle;) Mehtab's music choice: "Suraj Hua Maddham". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Patrick Davidson, a Welshman in Slovenia

It's always sunny above the clouds, according to Patrick Davidson, a Welshman living in Slovenia. Patrick loves the mountains and has always been attracted by all things Slavic. After spending some time in Russia he decided to move and buy property in Slovenia. Today he's involved in real estate and construction, has a Slovene wife and family, and coaches rugby. Driving on Bohinj's snow-covered mountain roads in a 20-year-old Land Rover, Patrick says he no longer has the itchy feet he had before, and says he has found his peace in the Slovenian Alps. Patrick's music choice: Vlado Kreslin - "Z Goričkega v Piran". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Annisa Queentarina, an Indonesian in Slovenia

Meet Annisa, an Indonesian living in the Slovenia capital Ljubljana. She says living in Ljubljana is both more peaceful and fun than living in Jakarta. She admits that living in Slovenia as a foreigner is not easy, but Annisa says Slovenians have been warm and pleasant and is grateful to live in a country where she can freely express herself. If she could change one thing about Slovenes, she would make them more spontaneous ;) Annisa's music choice: Raisa & Dipha Barus - "My Kind of Crazy". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Krishna Ranabhat, a Nepali in Slovenia

Krishna arrived in Slovenia all the way from Nepal. Working as a mountain guide he fell in love with one of his clients, Jasmina from Makole. The young couple then married, settled in Makole and now have a baby daughter. Krishna says he was well received by his parents-in-law and local community. He likes to hike, especially to the nearby Mt Boč, but he hasn't been up to Mt Triglav yet. Krishna's an avid vlogger, plays football for NK Makole, says his future will most likely be in Slovenia, but would like to spend time in Nepal as well. Krishna's music choice: A Nepali follk song - "Resham firiri". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Emina Baj, a Kenyan in Slovenia

Emina was born in Africa to a Croatian mother and Kenyan father. In the time of Yugoslavia her parents moved to Slovenia for work, where Emina finished her primary, secondary and university education. Today Emina is an attorney at law, a dancer, a mother…. She is also the founder of an African association in Ljubljana, teaches dance, and helps parents and children experiencing racial discrimination… All that in the latest Land of Dreams! You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Simon Pribac, a Canadian in Slovenia

This week in Land of Dreams meet Simon Pribac. He was born in Slovenia,, but has spent most of his life in Toronto, Canada. His family has been going back and forth between Slovenia and North America since the 1800s… So where's home, Simon? He's currently active with the Canadian-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and other projects promoting Slovenia in Canada and vice versa. On air today at 11:25am and again on Sunday at 2:30pm!!! Simon's music choice: Theory of a Deadman - "Santa Monica". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Jacobus Willem Langenhoven, a South African in Slovenia

Jacobus, better known as Jacoo, came to Slovenia from South Africa without knowing anyone. Not because of love, not by recommendation and without knowing too much about Slovenia. It took just one stop at the train station in Ljubljana to get him thinking about the idea of starting his work in Slovenia. Today Jacoo has his architecture and design company, owns a van, and likes to hike and move around the country. We met up with Jacoo in Bled and touched on the differences in people and culture between South Africa and Slovenia. Jacoo says Slovenia's nature is majestic, and that Slovenians are curious by nature but don't open their doors very quickly;) Jacoo's music choice: Jacob & Taylor - "Go See Africa". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Decline the Fall, a Maltese band in Slovenia

Why does a metal core band from Malta decide to move to the Slovenian countryside? We paid Kris, John, Ehren, and Matthew a visit inside their home in Zreče, near Rogla mountain. The name of their band is "Decline The Fall" and this is their story of coming to Slovenia ;) Music: Decline the Fall - "Nemesis" / Acoustic version. You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Luz Oto Bravo, a Peruvian in Slovenia

Luz says adventure brought her to Slovenia. She came from Peru many years ago to visit her brother in Europe. She met her Slovene husband while hitchhiking ;) Slovenia has taught her how beautiful life can be living connected to Mother Earth. In the village of Kunova near Gornja Radgona, Luz, her husband, and son, have built a center dedicated to Earth, permaculture, personal growth and sustainable living. She says the reality outside cannot make you happy inside, and that you are only that which is inside of you. Luz's music choice: El Condor Pasa. You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Marius Mensah, a Beninois in Slovenia

Originally from Benin, Marius spent his youth in Canada, finished his studies in Moscow and presently lives in Maribor. He works at the Faculty of Law as an assistant professor and researcher with a focus on international and environmental law. Marius met his Slovene wife in Russia and got married in Jeruzalem near Ljutomer. He loves Slovenian wine, but is not that fond of "žganci". Marius says opportunities will always come to those surrounded by good people. Marius's music choice: Sarkodie - "Adonai" ft. Castro. You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Brigid from Germany, and Malva from Sweden

What's it like to live and work on a farm in Slovenia? Why does one decide to become a volunteer? Meet Brigid from Germany and Malva from Sweden, two young ladies growing from their challenges in Slovenia. What have they learned about/from farming in Slovenia, and does a land of dreams exist? Brigid's and Malva's music choice: Giant Rooks - "Bright Lies". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Sanam Fouladvand, an Iranian in Slovenia

Meet Sanam, born and raised in Iran, a law graduate from France, and now a shop owner in Maribor. Sanam has lived here for 14 years now. Her initial plan was to work in the field of law, but met her future Slovenian husband while waiting for a job interview. Today Sanam has two children and sells goods and artisan crafts mostly from Iran. We paid her a visit and were offered some traditional tea and dates. She says she feels good in Slovenia but adds that she misses the warmth and kindness from Iran. Sanam's music choice: Pink Floyd - "High Hopes". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Jung Minuk, a South Korean in Slovenia

Young and in love. Jung Minuk is from Seoul, South Korea. After meeting Vanessa he decided to come live and study in Slovenia. They live together in Pernica, Vanessa goes to school in Maribor and Minuk studies in Celje. He says Slovenians eat a lot of bread, are friendly to strangers, and it was in Slovenia that he first saw a night sky full of bright stars. Jung Minuk's music choice: Busker Busker - "Cherry Blossom Ending". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Ahmad Ikbayri, a Libyan in Slovenia

Meet Ahmad, a young Libyan playing professional volleyball in Slovenia. Ahmad is happy to be in Slovenia, he says his team and staff in Maribor have accepted him well. He admits that coming to Slovenia and acquiring the visa was a difficult process, involving a lot of paperwork... But a smile can get you a long way and also give hope to people, which is why Ahmad always smiles :) Find out what Ahmad's favourite food in Slovenia is, and where he dreams to go one day… in the next Land of Dreams ?? Ahmad's music choice: Tekno - "Rara". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Daron Evans, an Englishman in Slovenia

Englishman Daron Evans says he returned to his roots when he decided to buy some property in the village of Borjana in western Slovenia. Daron's mother was actually Slovene, born in the same village, located near the Nadiža river. Daron calls the Nadiža valley his ancestral home and says there is love in Slovenia. Childhood memories of swimming and trying to catch fish, discovering nature, renovating an old house and passing it all on to his children, Daron says his past and future are in the Nadiža valley. Music used in the interview: Andrej Ofak & Borut Mori - "The Echoes of River Drava", and Jože Kampič & Zorl - "Maruška". You can also follow Land of Dreams on Facebook:

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