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"Trdno sem prepričan, da bi Slovenci morali imeti – tako kot imamo Slovensko narodno gledališče Drama – tudi Slovensko narodno gledališče Komedija in da bi morali spodbujati domače komedije."
“I firmly believe that Slovenians should have — just like we have the Drama Slovenian National Theatre — the Comedy Slovenian National Theatre, and should encourage home production of comedies,” said Partljič. Foto: BoBo
Ivo Petrić je v svoji bogati glasbeni karieri deloval kot oboist, umetniški vodja Slovenske filharmonije, tajnik Društva slovenskih skladateljev, vodja Ansambla Slavko Osterc, vodja edicij pri Društvu slovenskih skladateljev in prav tako predaval na Akademiji za glasbo v Ljubljani.
The opus of Ivo Petrić spans from early neoclassical echoes through avant-garde to return to tradition. Foto: RTV SLO


Grand Prešeren Award to humourist Tone Partljič and composer Ivo Petrić

Slovenia celebrates Prešeren’s Day, 8th February, with artist recognition awards
7. February 2016 ob 10:21
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

The Prešeren awards will be officially announced at Sunday's ceremony on the eve of Prešeren's Day, the Slovenian cultural holiday, but the names of winners are already out. The grand awards go to writer/dramatist Tone Partljič and Ivo Petrić, a composer and artistic leader.

The recipients of the "smaller" awards, known as the Prešeren Fund Awards, are composer and choir leader Ambrož Čopi, film director Janusz Kica, painter Aleksij Kobal, poet Cvetka Lipuš, sculptor Mojca Smerdu and Katarina Stegnar, an actress, dancer and performer. The artists will receive their awards at the traditional ceremony that takes place at Cankar Cultural Centre on the eve of Prešeren's Day.

The winner of Prešeren's Award for lifetime work is humourist and satirist Tone Partljič, who has always wanted to present both sides of life, the happy and the sad one, and often uses humour as a defence mechanism.

The opus of Ivo Petrić spans from early neoclassical echoes through avant-garde to return to tradition. Music has always been his life. He lives with it nonstop and can't imagine his life without it.

In his rich music career, Petrić also worked as an oboist, the artistic leader of the Slovenian Philharmonic, the secretary and edition leader in the Society of Slovene Composers, the head of the Slavko Osterc Ensemble, and a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

M. K., translated by K. Z.

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