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An Artist of the Resistance Few artists in Slovenia are as well known as France Slana. He became a household name with his pleasing oils and watercolors of Slovenian landscapes.
Real estate prices rising most in Ljubljana The real estate market in Slovenia has been very dynamic since last year.
Great invitation for Planica: Slovenians third in Vikersund Slovenian ski jumpers Domen and Peter Prevc, Tilen Bartol and Jernej Damjan have won the third place in Vikersund at a team competition in ski flights.
Predjama Castle - the largest 'cave castle' in the world Located some 10km north of Postojna is the Guinness world record holder for the largest 'cave castle' in the world, and the only preserved one of its kind in the world.
River navigation season begins on the Soča, conditions still dangerous At the beginning of the river navigation season, navigators on the Soča River warn against a lot of alluvium and obstacles, which have still not been removed, and call for caution.
The first Slovenian purchase of Vergerij's book Almost a miraculous purchase of a book called Secretarii actiones or Writings of the Pope's Secretary took place in the Swiss antique shop in Zurich.
Luxury camping by the Kolpa The Primostek resort in south-eastern Slovenia’s Bela Krajina region is in every way a fine example of transferring new ideas to an old environment, and a showcase of modern-day tourism.
BBC runs article on differences and similarities between Slovenia and Slovakia Foreigners often confuse Slovenia and Slovakia. Both the Prime Minister of Slovenia and the Prime Minister of Slovakia resigned this week, which only added to the confusion.
Italian minority MP Battelli won’t seek re-election Roberto Battelli, the MP representing the Italian minority in the National Assembly, announced that he won’t run for the post again.
Arbitration letter goes to Brussels Slovenia delivered a letter to the European Commission today about its intention to sue Croatia due to its refusal to accept the border arbitration award. The content of the letter is confidential.
The Story of Twin Towns Reunited Most travelers know Gornja Radgona as a small town where the Slovenske Gorice hill country gives way to the vastness of the Pannonian Plain, but the peaceful countryside belies the often-turbulent ...
Slovenia will see economic growth of 5.1 percent this year The Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (IMAD) has increased its economic growth forecast to more than five percent.
Pahor will not name a prime minister-designate; early elections likely in late May Prime Minister Miro Cerar has explained the reasons for his resignation to President Borut Pahor, who decided not to name a new prime minister-designate.
Comment after Miro Cerar's resignation: A defensive step in a pre-election offensive If we remove the surprisingly sharp words, which Miro Cerar, the departing president of the Slovene government, used last night to dramatically explain his resignation, the message is clear.
Slovenian PM Cerar resigns as pressure mounts ahead of election Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar resigned late on Wednesday, hours after a key investment project hit a legal obstacle, saying he had also had enough of obstruction from his coalition partners ...
The Power of Reading After centuries under Hapsburg rule, the Slovenian people experienced a period of national reawakening in the 19th century.
Supreme Court clears way for another referendum on Koper-Divača rail project The Supreme Court on Wednesday annulled the result of the September referendum on the law governing the financing of the second railway track between the port of Koper and the inland hub of Divača.
Eight years of the Botrstvo project: the socially vulnerable do not feel the economic upturn "The basic idea of the project is to ensure equal opportunities for all children to develop their talents. Since 2010, almost 12 million euros have been distributed within the framework of the ...
A Design for Medicine – and Humanity When Ljubljana’s Medical Center was constructed in the 1970s, it was one of the most modern medical facilities in its part of Europe.
Slovenian President at a meeting of German businesspeople President Borut Pahor was an honorary guest at the annual meeting of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.
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An Artist of the Resistance
19. March 2018 ob 06:51 Few artists in Slovenia are as well known as France Slana. He became a household name with his pleasing oils and watercolors of Slovenian landscapes.
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