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Magna Steyr obtains construction permit in Hungary. Is it saying goodbye to Slovenia? The Graz-based company Magna Steyr obtained a construction permit for a new factory in western Hungary last week, close to the border with Slovenia.
A kiosk that became a design classic For years, it was a common sight throughout the former Yugoslavia – and as far away as New Zealand. Saša Mächtig’s K-67 kiosk could be seen on street corners of almost every town.
The almost extinct dragon arum – a beautiful but fetid scarlet flower – has been found in Ankaran An amateur botanist noticed a rare and attention-grabbing flower next to the main road in Ankaran.
The renovated garden will reopen its doors on September 1 The University of Maribor's Botanical Garden will reopen to visitors with a new look in September. More than a hundred had to be removed in the wake of July's destructive storms.
Presidential candidates started collecting signatures of support The activities for presidential elections scheduled for October 22 began, and it is now possible to express support for a chosen candidate by signatures.
The Legacy of a Slovenian Linguist The Slovenian people tend to be proud of their language, which has, for centuries, been the cornerstone of their national identity.
Celje, a city on the water The history of the third largest city in Slovenia is inextricably linked with water. Celje, first mentioned as the Celtic Keleia, was actually built on water.
48 hours in Ljubljana Whether we would like to admit it or not, Ljubljana is a small city. With just under 280,000 inhabitants it doesn’t give off the feeling of a metropolis simply because it isn’t one.
This year’s drought to be declared a natural disaster The consequences of this year’s drought will surely be worse than in 2003.
The Destruction of a Historical Jewel The Konzorcij building lies in the heart of the Slovenian capital.
Poor pre-hike preparation to blame for many accidents in the mountains Because the number of accidents in the mountains is increasing, Slovenian police have repeatedly urged hikers to exercise caution.
Milanič: The result is not pleasing, but it gives us a chance Maribor's football players suffered their first defeat in their tenth match this season, but the loss is of the best possible kind. NK Maribor returns home with a crucial away goal.
A Landscape of Stone, Water, and Ice The Karst Plateau separates Slovenia’s Adriatic coast from the mountains in the country’s interior.
Ljubljana waste water system overhaul gets €69 million boost from EU The European Commission has earmarked just shy of 69 million euros for the upgrade of the waste water facilities in Ljubljana, Medvode, and Vodice. The total cost of the project is 135 million euros.
Fewer thefts and robberies at motorway rest areas Crowded rest areas are targets for thieves profiting from motorists' carelessness and naivety.
Slovenia’s Tobacco Giant Ljubljana has long served as the cultural capital of the Slovenian people, but the city has also had an important industrial sector.
Serving the Spirit for Centuries In the mid-19th century, a researcher browsing through old books in a Ljubljana library made a startling discovery.
The Family by Rok Biček wins at Semaine de la Critique in Locarno "Without resorting to allusions or condemnations, the film observes the inner workings of a Slovenian family. In an era of bold propaganda, the family is presented in a way that leaves the final ...
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A kiosk that became a design classic
22. August 2017 ob 07:37 For years, it was a common sight throughout the former Yugoslavia – and as far away as New Zealand. Saša Mächtig’s K-67 kiosk could be seen on street corners of almost every town.
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