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The State Attorney’s Office faces a drastic overhaul The Government is sending a Bill on the State Attorney's Office to Parliament. The systemic bill would drastically overhaul the office.
Slovenia's battle for Teran wine At a special agricultural committee meeting in Brussels, Slovenia opened the Teran wine issue and, in front of other member nations, expressed its disapproval about the European Commission's ...
Health reform package to be presented this week January 16 was set by the Health Minister Milojka Kolar Celarc as the deadline for releasing the proposal of the health reform for public comment, but it won't happen yet.
A Resistance Base Deep in the Forest Hidden in a vast primeval forest in southern Slovenia lies a mysterious-looking complex of shacks.
Ljubljana misses another opportunity - Emirates to fly from Zagreb Ljubljana's Jože Pučnik Airport has let another opportunity slip away - a direct airline connection with Dubai operated by the world's best airline, Emirates.
Slovenian handball team suppresses Icelandic appetite Slovenian handball players have claimed their second victory at the world championship in France after defeating Iceland with 26:25 in Metz.
Natural wood products evoke Slovenian mythology Slovenia is a land of forests and high-quality wood.
Prestigious award for a publication on new Slovenian art The publication has received one of the four prestigious Alfred H. Barr Jr. awards, which is awarded to smaller museums, libraries, collections and exhibitions.
Slovenian Motor Show to return after a decade Slovenia's motor show is set to be revived after a decade. The largest fair related to automobilism will take place at Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana between 27 March and 2 April.
Secrets of coldest, darkest, and windiest continent on Earth Antarctica was discovered late in the 19th century. The Antarctic Museum in Trieste presents the famous historical expeditions which had reached the South Pole over sea.
World-famous conductor Anton Nanut dies aged 84 Prešeren laureate Anton Nanut died at the age of 84 after a prolonged illness, according to Radio Koper. Anton Nanut had an extraordinary international career that spanned decades.
Birmingham City won’t sign Rene Krhin Birmingham City manager Gianfranco Zola said his club won’t be signing the Slovenia international, even though a move to Birmingham City seemed to be a done deal.
Getting carried away with buying toys is more to the satisfaction of grownups Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma while buying toys? What to buy? What to look out for when making a purchase? When a certain toy is appropriate and when it is not?
Where Slovenian Opera Lives Ljubljana’s Opera Building stands apart not just because of its interesting architecture but also because of its status in the heart of Slovenian cultural life.
Fewer traffic accidents in 2016, but more fatalities than in 2015 There were fewer traffic accidents in 2016 than in 2015; the number of traffic-related injuries also decreased. On the other hand, the number of fatalities increased over the same period.
The 2016 readers’ choice for Prostor in pol is Monstera Bistro The readers of MMC chose chef Bine Volčič’s Monstera bistro as the 2016 Space and a Half. A total of 11 interiors and public spaces were nominated for this year’s Prostor in pol award.
An RTV 4D app for hybrid TV In order to offer new up-to-date services to our viewers, RTV Slovenija has developed an RTV 4D app for TVs which support the HbbTV hybrid television option.
A Slovenian Island in Bosnia Throughout modern history, Slovenians who had struggled to make a living in their own land hadmoved abroad in search of better lives.
Tina Maze spent almost 12 hours on the ski runs during her official races Tina Maze recently retired from skiing. The 408th episode of RTV Slovenia’s “Športni SOS” (“SOS Sports”) show featured a Q&A on Slovenia’s best female skier of all time.
Health care institutions to treat vulnerable groups under new guidelines The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) recently released a new set of guidelines on how to treat vulnerable groups.
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A Resistance Base Deep in the Forest
16. January 2017 ob 06:18 Hidden in a vast primeval forest in southern Slovenia lies a mysterious-looking complex of shacks.
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