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A Museum on the Edge of Slovenia The Posavje Museum in the town of Brežice had a difficult start.
From Istanbul to Belgrade: Dončić only one more victory away from perfect season The European basketball club champion will be crowned in Belgrade on Sunday.
Tanja Starič: SDS leading the polls and then losing the elections for the past 10 years The SDS party with its president Janez Janša is leading in the polls before early parliamentary elections, but about a quarter of the voters are still undecided and the latter, according to Tanja ...
Graphic works by the great Marc Chagall at Lendava Castle After its exhibitions of Miró's and Dalí's works, the Lendava Gallery-Museum continues to present oeuvres of the world's greatest artists.
20 May became the World Bee Day on the initiative of Slovenia As regards the number of beekeepers per 1,000 population, Slovenia is at the top of the EU-28. However, as regards the quantity, it is among to smallest honey producers in the EU.
A new attraction in Maribor: a swan couple expecting babies The historic Maribor district of Lent has a new attraction: a swan couple expecting an addition to their family.
Foreign doctors come to the aid of UKC's paediatric cardiology A week after the news of a possible shut down of the paediatric cardiology department, following the resignation of three of its cardiologists, Ljubljana's UKC Medical Centre has succeeded in ...
World Bee Day: A Slovenian initiative for protecting bee families For the first time ever, this year on the 20th of May the world will mark World Bee Day.
A Palace by the River A popular subject of postcards and brochures, Ljubljana’s Filip Manor is among the city’s most recognizable buildings, but the ornate neo-Gothic structure owes its existence to one of the darkest ...
Museums and galleries in Slovenia organised 1,960 exhibitions and around 37,000 educational programs in 2016 The International Council of Museums, ICOM , proclaimed 18 May the International Museum Day 41 years ago.
Four politically responsible for Iranian NLB transactions According to the parliamentary inquiry commission, the former central bank governor Marko Kranjec, former ministers Franc Križanič and Samuel Žbogar, and former PM Borut Pahor, all failed to act in ...
From the unforgettable scenes of Seattle to steering the "best global label, which operates from Ljubljana" "We define what we do at the label as independent, alternative, lateral music – definitely niche oriented, which is not part of any particular genre as such," says musician, producer and co-founder ...
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day The emphasis of the World Telecommunication and Information Society day is on the potentials of artificial intelligence that has the ability to learn also on the basis of the data that are created ...
In 1821, Ljubljana became the center of the world In the early 19th century, Ljubljana was a small Hapsburg town of around 20,000 people.
Lenarčič presents the results of his 20.000 km long journey across Asia The team behind the Green Light World Flight mission plans to use the data collected during Matevž Lenarčič’s flight across Asia in an ultralight aircraft for scientific purposes and raising ...
Numerous tourist boats in the Ljubljanica Ljubljanica is a cold but amiable river. Her calm currents enable the undisturbed flow of many tourist boats.
Leben off to Brussels for the second track 109 million euros State secretary Jure Leben will meet with representatives of the European Commission to try secure the 109 million euros for the second rail track project, which the commission put on hold because ...
The Roof of Southern Slovenia Slovenia is known for its topographical diversity, and the area around the Snežnik Plateau in the southwestern part of the country, despite being well off the beaten tourist path, is one of the best ...
Film industry professionals at Cannes learn why Slovenia is a unique filming location The Slovenian Film Center (SFC) presented Slovenia as a filming location at Europe’s largest film market in Cannes.
Yaskawa to produce robots and electric motors in Kočevje Yaskawa Europe plans to build plants for the production of servo motors and electronic components, in which 250 people will be employed.
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A Museum on the Edge of Slovenia
21. May 2018 ob 06:28 The Posavje Museum in the town of Brežice had a difficult start.
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