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Katanec: We were late getting back from warmups to the locker room in Glasgow At a press conference in Ljubljana, the manager of the Slovenian national soccer team Srečko Katanec unveiled the lineup of players for the qualifier against Malta, which will take place on June 10 ...
Better protection of personal data Exactly a year from now the new European decree on protection of data will come into effect, introducing uniform and modernized legislation into all the European Union member states.
After eight years, Union Olimpija again took the basketball throne The Union Olimpija basketball players finally won another national championship title, after eight years. In the fourth match of the finals in Tivoli Hall they defeated Rogaška 94:78.
A Valley of Magic The northern half of Slovenia contains several glacial valleys, but one of the most beautiful also happens to be among the least visited.
Produce may be grown, but children should not ingest the soil Earlier today, the Environment Agency presented its findings on air and soil pollution levels in the wake of the Kemis fire. Based on the newly released data, the results are worrisome.
"Anthem of Love" echoes across Slovenia for a fifth time The popular Day of Love song by the legendary band Pepel in kri joined together thousands of occasional singers from 32 regions across Slovenia for a fifth year in a row.
Analysis results: Tojnica stream polluted with at least eight pesticides The Slovenian Environment Agency has confirmed the heavy pollution of the Tojnica stream. It has been completely lifeless since the fire at the Kemis waste processing plant in Vrhnika.
The Voice of Slovenian Pride Even though he lived in the 19th century, Janez Bleiweis was a true Renaissance Man. Highly educated, he left a lasting mark as a physician, journalist, and a politician.
Slovenian central bank sees strong economic growth in Q2 Slovenia's economy is expected to grow strongly in the second quarter of the year amid falling unemployment and a rise in investments and exports, the Bank of Slovenia said on Tuesday.
Use of medical marijuana only on paper in Slovenia Slovenia allowed the use of cannabis for medical purposes in March. However, it still cannot be obtained at Slovenia’s pharmacies. If they can afford it, patients purchase the drugs in Austria.
A Bottleneck free fall that Karničar is capable of doing "A result should never be a motive to go up in the mountains. It should be for experience alone. But, although I know it's wrong, I do admit that a big part of my motivation is to succeed in ...
The Hidden Beauty of an Overlooked Mountain Range The Karavanke Mountains, which straddle Slovenia’s border with Austria, aren’t as well-known as the Julian Alps, but this Alpine range is in many ways just as interesting.
Relive the story of engineer Maks Klodič on a train ride through the Bohinj Tunnel The Museum of Gorenjska and the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers recently restored a rail car that now houses an exhibition dedicated to Maks Klodič, a prominent Slovenian engineer.
Avsenik's tune An Island in the Middle of the Lake resounds from 600 accordions Two years after the death of Slavko Avsenik, 600 accordion players gathered at their fifth meeting in Bled and simultaneously performed his composition An Island in the Middle of the Lake.
President Pahor decorates American rescuers of the Slovenian ship Tamar At Slovenia’s United Nations mission in New York, President Borut Pahor handed out two medals to the 102nd Rescue Squadron, a parachute unit, and the 103nd Rescue Squadron of the 106th Rescue Wing ...
On the Trail of Cheese In the popular imagination, a stereotypically Slovenian landscape tends to consist of idyllic mountain scenes with cows and flower-filled pastures.
Relocation of fan mussels at Slovenia’s largest seaside resort 21 divers have relocated more than a thousand protected fan mussels. This large-scale action has been carried out for the 3rd year in a row, and could become a unique tourist attraction.
Janša re-elected as president of SDS At the 11th congress of the SDS, 666 delegates have voted in favour of the re-election of Janez Janša as the party's president. Five people voted against.
Slovenia is recognised as one of the most sustainability-oriented countries The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is the recipient of a prestigious prize in the field of sustainable tourism, the World Legacy Award, which is awarded each year by National Geographic.
High anniversaries of Slovenia as a maritime country The EU proclaimed 20 May the European Maritime Day in 2008.
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A Valley of Magic
25. May 2017 ob 06:54 The northern half of Slovenia contains several glacial valleys, but one of the most beautiful also happens to be among the least visited.
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