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Museum of Modern Art "re-enacts" last art biennial in Yugoslavia On Wednesday the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana will open the last of the four exhibitions dedicated to art and museum space in the 1980s.
Civil initiative says cutting forest because of Magna Steyr will lower living standards Residents of Rogoza have established a civil initiative called Save the Rogoza Forest.
Would you sleep in a bee house and immerse yourself in healing energy? The Beekeeping centre at Brdo pri Lukovici has a special room on offer - an api chamber - in which guests can absorb the healing energy and atmosphere of a bee house.
A Rocky Refuge It is one of the most striking buildings in Slovenia: The Predjama Castle, not far from the town of Postojna, perched on a cliff and concealing a secret entrance leading to a cave.
Photo: Track-and-field athlete Manca Šepetavc crowned Miss Sport 2017 Manca Šepetavc from Litija is the new Miss Sport of Slovenia.
Brežice preparing for delays at border crossings Local community representatives, police representatives, road operators and state secretary Andrej Špenga have met in the municipality of Brežice to discuss traffic management during the upcoming ...
Slovenia in the forefront in waste collection, but stagnates in waste procession According to findings by the LIFE E-Waste Governance project, Slovenia is at the EU forefront when it comes to the separate collection of e-waste.
The "Nobel Prize" for environmental heroes in the hands of a Slovenian activist This year’s prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for environmental activists, which has been given out for 26 years now, goes to Slovenian Uroš Macerl, the president of the Eko Krog ...
An Extraordinary Passion for the Heights It is said that climbing Triglav is an obsession for the Slovenian people. Even so, a man named Franjo Potočnik stands apart in his commitment to the country’s highest mountain.
Old Vine House visited by more than half a million tourists A decade ago the oldest vine in the world, which grows in the district of Lent in Maribor, got its own premises, which house a wine shop as well as various wine and culinary events.
Passenger terminal at Ljubljana airport to be expanded by 2020 Alongside the official renaming of Aerodrom Ljubljana into Fraport Slovenija, its owners have also announced a long awaited investment into the passenger terminal.
I’m writing you, book, who is reading you? Slovenian Book Days: book production in Slovenia was growing between 1991 and 2009 (when the record number of titles was issued; 6,953), but has since been falling; in 2015, 5,411 titles were issued.
Legendary George A. Romero will visit Ljutomer A little less than three month before the start of this year’s Grossmann Festival of Fantastic Film, the organisers have revealed its honorary guest.
The Earth is our common home. Its future depends on all of us. At the World Earth Day (22 April): In the past ten years the climate has been changing more rapidly than expected.
Architectural heritage of Edo Mihevc, who built the new Portorož The versatile creator Edo Mihevc had the greatest impact on the urbanistic and architectural image of the Slovenian coast.
81 medals for Slovenian vintners in USA Slovenian wine again achieved excellent results at two wine competition in the USA, namely at the traditional Finger Lakes Wine Competition, and at the first Great American Wine competition ...
6th annual Chocolate Festival kicks off in Radovljica, Šmartno hosts Wine and Culinary Festival The 6th annual Chocolate Festival got underway in Radovljica on Friday. On Saturday, the outdoor Wine and Culinary Festival will kick off in the Western village of Šmartno.
10th International Hunting and Fishing Fair kicks off in Gornja Radgona The 10th International Hunting and Fishing Fair and the 4th International Fair for Outdoor Activities and Recreation got underway in Gornja Radgona on Friday.
Parliament confirms bill on second rail track Only three weeks after the ruling coalition first presented the draft bill in parliament, the bill on the construction and management of the second rail track between Divača and Koper was passed ...
The Burning of a Slovenian Symbol The port city of Trieste has always been of great importance to the Slovenian people.
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A Rocky Refuge
25. April 2017 ob 06:33 It is one of the most striking buildings in Slovenia: The Predjama Castle, not far from the town of Postojna, perched on a cliff and concealing a secret entrance leading to a cave.
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