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An abundance of wild mushrooms, but even more uninformed pickers This year’s excellent wild mushroom season has attracted many recreational mushroom pickers to Slovenia’s forests. But some of them fail to heed the rules of acceptable behavior in the woods.
Why are there 900 medical doctors among the 1000 best-paid public sector employees? For years, even a cursory glimpse at the list of the top-1000 public sector salaries revealed that it is made up mostly of medical doctors.
Urša Menart, director of the winning film at the FSF: "Nobody takes our generation seriously". This year’s Slovenian Film Festival ended on Saturday with an award ceremony, which also has a historical weight: for the first time in its history, a woman author won the first prize.
Randolph’s swan song, but the future looks bright "This was probably my last time playing for the national team," said the naturalized member of the Slovenian basketball team Anthony Randolph after losing against Turkey.
A Residence of the Elites It was once among Ljubljana’s most prestigious homes, and several years ago, Villa Podrožnik almost became the official residence of the Slovenian President.
Mohorič: Primož Roglič is in top form at training sessions For the first time, eight Slovenians will compete at the 2018 UCI Road World Championships. Primož Roglič will be the captain and he is among the favorites to win a medal.
Commissioner Bulc: We’ve never received the arbitration documents Slovenian Commissioner Violeta Bulc confirmed the statements made by the German magazine Spiegel, that the European Commissioners never discussed the legal services in connection to the arbitration ...
One year since the basketball gold: Way to the top is long, however, the fall is quick There are only a few days, that remain in the collective memory of a particular country, especially when it comes to sports achievements.
A Man Driven by a Thirst for Knowledge A true polymath, Balthasar Hacquet was fascinated by almost all scientific endeavors.
Gathering of five thousand young Catholics in Stična The traditional meeting of Catholic youth takes place in Stična on the third Saturday in September.
Sweet victory for Slovenia after dramatic turnaround over Belgium Slovenian volleyball players have beaten the hardest opponent ever – Belgium – at the World Championship in Italy after a tough battle, with 3-2 in sets.
Let's clean up Slovenia: For the last time! This Saturday, the last action of Let's Clean Up Slovenia is taking place throughout Slovenia. Its organizers, Ecologists Without Borders, say that every helping hand is welcome.
Moravske Toplice: The top destination of the beautiful Pomurje region The slogan of the municipality, which reads "We are wealthy, for we appreciate what we have," was chosen for a reason.
Several weeks long roadblock on Vipava highway Due to the repairs and removal of the Nanos tollhouse, the Vipava highway will be alternatively closed.
Exhibition on Dolenjska during the World War I An exhibition on Dolenjska during the World War I, with the title “1918, are you bringing us PEACE?” , opened in the Dolenjska Museum in Novo mesto on Friday.
AKSL architects transformed Nama’s Lingerie department into a pink boudoir The renovation of Slovenska Street in Ljubljana centre brought a fresh breeze – after the Hotel Slon renovation, the department store Nama now has a new image.
The unknowns of the number thirteen The formation of Slovenia’s 13th government in the parliament ended without any surprises.
Slovenian Ice in the Desert Because of Egypt’s hot climate, ice has long been one of the most treasured resources in that desert country.
Lawmakers back Slovenia's first minority cabinet Slovenia's parliament confirmed Prime Minister Marjan Šarec's centre-left coalition as the country's first minority government on Thursday, following an inconclusive June general election.
Locals are against Maribor airport expansion On Wednesday night, locals of Skoke in Miklavž na Dravskem polju confirmed six resolutions, with which they voiced their disagreement with the scheduled expansion of the Edvard Rusjan Maribor airport.
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A Residence of the Elites
18. September 2018 ob 09:02 It was once among Ljubljana’s most prestigious homes, and several years ago, Villa Podrožnik almost became the official residence of the Slovenian President.
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